Cloud Emerger – Matt Grobert

Here is a video on how to tie an original pattern by Matt Grobert called the Cloud Emerger. This is a mayfly emerger pattern and Matt says this about it, “When trout are taking emerging mayflies off the surface, this is one of my go-to patterns.”

You can find more of Matt’s work at his blog, Caddis Chronicles.

Cloud Emerger

Hook: #12-14 Dai Riki #125
Thread: 6/0 Danville Olive
Shuck: Mayfly brown zelon
Abdomen: Rusty brown Australian opossum
Thorax: Peacock/snowshoe rabbit foot twist
Wingcase: Natural goose wing


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2 Responses to Cloud Emerger – Matt Grobert

  1. Very nice video, Paul. Thanks to you and too Matt for being willing to share with us tying freaks.

    • Paul Beel

      Thanks for the reply Mel. The thanks should definitely go to Matt for giving me permission to post this.
      Thanks for stopping by!