New Veevus G.S.P. threads


Veevus has just released their line of G.S.P. threads. Hareline Dubbin is distributing Veevus, so you can purchase it at any Hareline Dubbin retailer. I’m excited about this thread because I’ve tried Veevus regular stomach threads and I was surprised by the strength. One thing that stood out to me in the information below is they have put a twist in the thread to keep the thread from opening up. I think that is a huge advantage when dealing with G.S.P. threads.

“It is available in 4 sizes, 100Denier, 150Denier, 200Denier and worlds thinnest 30Denier (Around 18/0). The G.S.P (Gel Spun Polyethylene) is by far the strongest thread on the planet after our Veevus thread. The Veevus G.S.P. thread has been designed with a slight twist preventing it from opening up, and thereby making tying with it a breeze. It lays completely flat and is the smoothest thread to spin hair with. It is currently available in 2 colors Black & White, with more colors coming soon! (30Deneir is only available in white). Each spool contains 75m which is 67% more thread than offered by anyone else in our industry. Make sure you try it out next time you buy thread or spin hair.”

In case you missed it, Veevus released its Iridescent thread line back in November of 2012. You could use this in many different applications. Great looking stuff!

“Veevus Iridescent Thread – Chironomids baby! This stuff takes thread bodied flies to a whole new level. But wait there’s more, what if the fly, say a Clouser had this thread tied in at the head? Or what if it was furled and used as an extended body? What about ribbing? Terrestrials? The list goes on and so do the uses for everything Veevus. Available in 10 different color and available through your local Hareline Dealer.”



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4 Responses to New Veevus G.S.P. threads

  1. This looks like really cool thread. I’m checking my local fly shop to see if they handle this! If you have a chance can you post a fly tied with this?

  2. Thanks for the heads up on the new tying thread. I will be interested in taking a look at some next time I see some Hairline stuff! The iridescent stuff also looks exciting to try.