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Heartland Fly Fishing Festival

The Indianapolis fly fishing show is coming soon! Heartland Fly Fishing Festival. I’ll be there and I will be doing a fly tying demo as well. For more information, read below.

The heartland Fly Fishing Festival is a fly fishing show in Lebanon, IN – hosted by Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing. The Festival is focused on fly fishing and the techniques and tools that allow anyone to pursue the sport.

Doors open 9:00 am each day. Presentation schedule varies each day.

Silent Auctions every 4 hours – INCLUDING A handmade wooden kayak and Fly gear. All silent auction items benefit Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing Organization.

The show is for anyone new and interested in learning to fly fish, and the fly fisher who has developed a passion for the sport. From novice/beginner to professional this show will have something for everyone interested in fly fishing. A special kids casting and tying area will get them started right.

The show will host over 50-plus exhibitors, presenters and fly fishing guides from Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, North Carolina and Tennessee.

Saltwater fly fishing guides and fly tyers are coming up to Indiana for the winter. Guides will talk shop and trips, fly shops will demonstrate the latest gear, and fly fishing representatives will have equipment available for tryout.

Notables from the fly fishing community will join us. And you should too. This two-day event promises to be exciting and educational.

Casting demonstrations, clinics, educational seminars will be presented by fly fishing personalities throughout the two-day event. Small watercraft (kayak, canoe, single person craft, drift boat) exhibitors will be in attendance. Fishing lodges, outfitters and guides will show you how, and if you already think you know, will show you more.

Ticket price: $12.00 daily-$15.00 two-day pass.
$6 for 18 AND UNDER. Kids 10 and under are free.

FREE ADMISSION FOR ALL Active duty and separated military with ID. PLEASE JOIN US!

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FrankenFly Fly Orders

I just wanted to let anyone know that is wanting to order flies from me right now, that I will not be able to get to them right away. I have several fly fishing shows to prepare for and I have to have flies tied for those shows. So any orders that are made on the FrankenFly online store will be pushed back. It might be a month or two until I can get to them. I will be back to the regular schedule in March. I apologize for any inconvenience.

I want to thank everyone who has ordered flies from me in the past. It’s what keeps things going around here! Thank you!



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30 Percent Sale! – Right here at FrankenFly

I have reduced most of my streamers to 30 percent off in the FrankenFly online Fly Shop. Check it out and see if you can find something you like. Also, if you are wanting a streamer that isn’t in the shop, just let me know and I’ll give you 30 percent off anything custom tied. Just contact me by email to ask about that.
My email is paul.beel (AT)

I’ve also had some inquiries on my new frog and new articulated streamer. You can find these on my Instagram @FrankenFly. These swim very well, but have not been fish tested. However, if you are interested, I’ll tie some for you and just charge you half what they will retail. Just send me an email asking about it.

Link to FrankenFly Online Fly Shop.

Thanks all and I appreciate all of you reading FrankenFly!

Bernard’s Green Bombers

Thunder Mutts

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JL Waters Adventure Outfitters tomorrow

I’ll be tying flies at JL Waters in Bloomington, Indiana, tomorrow, October 7th, from 10am to 2pm. Come in and tie with me or just chat. They have a lot of cool stuff in the store, like fly fishing and fly tying gear and materials, kayaks, hiking gear, camping gear, climbing gear, clothes, shoes, etc. So it’s worth the visit. I hope to see you there!

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New Ride

Hello FrankenFly readers! I haven’t checked in and made a post about what’s happening in my fly fishing world for quite some time, so I figured I would throw something up.

I was finally able to pickup the boat for me recently and I couldn’t be happier. I have tried bass boats, canoes, and smaller kayaks, but haven’t been that happy. I enjoy drift boats, but they don’t fit the fishing in my area. So I’ve been into fly fishing from a kayak for two seasons now and love it! I just enjoy paddling my kayak, even if I’m not catching fish, so that’s huge. I recently sold my Perception Sound 10.5 that I have enjoyed and picked up a Jackson Kayak Kilroy. It is a longer boat with more stability and some advanced features, like a terrific seat and gear tracks for mounts. I took her out on a maiden voyage this past weekend and she paddles smooth and tracks very well. I was even able to stand up in the kayak, something I do not normally do. But with this boat, it’s easy.

Coming in at 12 feet 4 inches, it’s a couple of feet longer than my Perception and I love the added room. One thing I have debated on was removing the black pod that rides on top in front of the kayak. It is easily removable, but I wanted to try it first on the water. Now that I have, I think I am going to take it off to enjoy even more room in the front of the boat. This is a sit inside kayak, that reminds me a lot of a canoe, but with a lot more stability. I mean a lot more! The seat can be adjusted to a low or high position. I mainly keep it in the high position for better casting while sitting. That way you don’t hit the water on your backcast.

If you want a boat to get out on the water, I definitely recommend kayaks. You can get them at a reasonable cost and with no motor to deal with, it’s a no fuss way to get you out there.

Besides the new kayak, I’ve had a wonderful season of fishing. I caught some awesome fish while on vacation in Michigan this summer. I fished my local smallmouth river much more this season to learn more about the fishery. Lately, I’ve been concentrating on tying and fishing for bluegill and doing some Bucket Mouth League style of fishing.

I have two events coming up soon if you want to check them out. October 7th, I’ll be at J.L. Waters Adventure Outfitters in Bloomington, Indiana from 10am to 2pm tying flies. You are welcome to come in and watch or bring your vise and sit and tie with me. On October 19th, I’ll be in Fort Wayne, Indiana giving a bluegill presentation to the Three River Fly Fishers club. The meeting starts at 7pm. If you are interested in going, contact the Three Rivers Fly Fishers.

I hope all of you had a great fishing season as well. It’s not over yet, so get out there and fish! Thank you all for reading FrankenFly, I really appreciate it!

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Grayling, Michigan 2017 – FrankenFly

Well, another trip up to Grayling in Northern Michigan is in the books. This trip will definitely be one to remember because I couldn’t have asked for better fishing. Although, there was a really big one that got away, but I’ll explain that in a bit.

We stayed at a nice place right on the Au Sable River, which supplied nice wade fishing. I went out right away and caught a handful of brookies. The largest being about 9 inches long. Which is not too bad in this stream. What was great about this stretch, was that my son was enticed enough to ask me to take him fly fishing for the first time. He had used a Zebco type setup in the past, when he was around 7, but hasn’t fished in a couple of years. He is now 12. To my surprise, he came out and asked me to teach him how to fly fish. So I tied on a bright foam Chernobyl dry fly and taught him how to dry fly fish. He was moving down the stream and casting really well. We were able to land him a little brookie and he loved it! This was a fabulous part of the trip and another experience that made this trip memorable.

One day, I met up with Brian Kozminski of True North Trout, for an evening float. Brian’s truck was in the shop because of a collision with a deer, so one of Brian’s other guides, Randy Monchilov, brought his Adipose drift boat for us to use. All three of us went out and had a nice evening of fishing, catching many brookies and browns. I have to say, the Adipose boat is a dream to float in. It has great stability and I like the low side walls. One other item to mention, is that Brian had the Temple Fork Outfitters Axiom II fly rod with him, so I was able to cast this and get the feel for the rod. I loved it! I like the backbone this rod has. If you are familiar with TFO rods, it was like a BVK but with more backbone.
Brian and Randy are nice guys and know their stuff. If you are looking for a guide up in Northern Michigan or you want to use some TFO fly rods or float in an Adipose boat, contact True North Trout. They will no doubt get you into some fish!

In between fishing, I made some other stops into some fly shops, like Gates Au Sable Lodge & Fly Shop, Ron’s Fly Shop, and even drove over to Traverse City and visited The Northern Angler.

I went out on a couple of other special fly fishing excursions, with my good friend, Chris Lessway. First, we spent an entire day and evening fishing for smallmouth bass. We floated in Chris’s older, but still quite capable, Hyde drift boat. I shared time on the sticks, so Chris could fish as well. I want to thank Chris for putting up with my rowing. Even though I’m getting better in this area, I am still learning to keep the boat in the fishing zone. It takes time.

We were catching fish right off the bat using my Thunder Mutt streamer. As we fished throughout the day, we learned that the smallies were a little finicky on that day. They were always hitting on the pause. It helped that we were able to see them most of the time. So I would pause it for even longer and wait until they hit, to try and set the hook. We switched up and went through many flies, trying to find a fly they might like better. But in the end, it was the Thunder Mutt which I had in a Chartreuse/Olive and a white streamer that worked the best.

However, things changed when the evening came. Since the sun was going down, we decided to start throwing poppers. Besides morning, this is the best time to do this. We were also on a different stretch of river. The pause didn’t change in this regard either. I was getting most of my fish by doing a pop, a twitch, and then letting it sit. Then BAM!

So this brings me to the fish I mentioned in the beginning. I did a pop, twitch, and then let it sit. I saw this smallie coming up from the side and munch down on the popper. I set the hook and it felt like a nice fish, but I didn’t realize how nice. Then it started pulling line out and then it took its first jump and Chris and I at the same time, said, “Holy Crap!” This thing was a monster. I have never seen a smallie this big. It proceded to take 4 more jumps and I continued to fight it and give it line when needed. After the 5th jump, it pulled a bit and the line came loose. The thing you never want to happen, happened. The biggest smallie I had ever seen, broke the line and was gone. It was gut wrenching. Chris and I talked about that fish the rest of the week and I stil think about it. What a fish…

Then Chris said, “We will get another one.” So we continued on downstream and I continued to throw a Rainy’s popper that I had tied. Chris was right, we did get another good one. Granted, it was not near as big as the one we lost, but it was a really nice fish! This time, I was able to land it after a great fight.

Chris netted it for me and it was in the boat. This is the smallie that is pictured. I was extremely happy to get that fish. Needless to say, it was a fantastic day of smallie fishing.

The final time I went out with Chris, was a quick morning float, we did early one morning. This time we were after some trout. It was an overcast morning with slight sprinkles of rain at first, but that tapered off to be just a cloudy morning. We tried some streamers at first, but with no luck, we switched back to dry flies. Terrestrials seemed to be what was on the menu, so I stuck with that, catching some brookies and a nice little brown trout. As we made out way downstream, I kept casting to various spots, and then it happened. My personal best, brown trout, sipped in my dry fly and doubled my 7 weight rod over. Of course, after losing that monster smallmouth, Chris and I were on the edge of our seats, as I tried working this brown trout to the boat. Chris was calling out logs that the fish was trying to run under and I would guide it away from. Finally, I worked him to the side of the boat while Chris had the net ready and I was able to guide him in. The largest brown I had ever hooked, was landed!

Chris Lessway guides for the North Branch Outing Club, located in a small area called Lovells, right outside Grayling, Michigan. The NBOC provides lodging, a guide service, and a fly shop right on the Au Sable River. Chris is the head guide there. So, if you are looking for a terrific guide, give Chris a call at the North Branch Outing Club.

So this ended an awesome trip up to Northern Michigan. I want to apologize for not having the time to meet up with Jeff Marsh of High on the Fly and Michael Williams of Green Bus Designs. I had to cancel, but will definitely meet up with these two the next time for some fly fishing action!

Thank you for reading FrankenFly!


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FrankenFly update 6-23-2017

I haven’t been posting much about what has been going on behind the scenes at FrankenFly, so I thought I would write a post to give you readers an update. Hopefully I won’t bore you to tears.

First and foremost, the fishing season is in full swing. I have to say, this season has been a little rough, but hopefully turning around. By rough I mean, tough conditions mainly, then there are broken oar anchors, and broke rods to add to that. But that’s how it goes sometimes in fishing.

The primary thing I have been doing is going to a local river often and learning this river much more than I have in the past. Let me tell you, it’s a fickle son of a gun! My buddy, Josh King and I have been lugging his old aluminum row boat around, that we call, “Old Iron Sides”, and getting quite the workout rowing her down the river. Not to mention dragging her up and down hills to get into sketchy access points.

Old Iron Sides

Besides fishing, I continue to make FrankenDUB dubbing. I am extremely happy with how well the dubbing is liked out there. I’ve received tons of great comments about the dubbing and that’s awesome! I just sent another shipment to J. Stockard Fly Fishing, so they can restock, yet again. Check out the tab at the top of this website for more about FrankenDUB or you can visit it at this link.

I’ve been tying flies as fast as I possibly can, but wish I could go faster. Thank you for all of the orders! Besides orders from right here on the website, I’ve recently been tying flies for Ken Tanaka at Wish4Fish. I’m sure you have seen his very cool fly fishing videos that I post here at FrankenFly. The two main flies I have been tying for him so far is his Tanaka Your Socks Off (TYSO for short) and his Pink Power Ranger nymph. If you watch Ken’s videos, you will see him catch a lot of great fish on these two flies.

Tanaka Your Socks Off articulated streamer

Pink Power Rangers

Also, Feathered Game Changer orders have been coming in like crazy! With good reason, these babies move like no other in the water. Strip and pause and watch this baby dance!

Ginger Feathered Game Changers

In between orders or just to end a day of tying, I’ve been working on some new fly designs. I’ve sent a new dry fly to a guide friend, Chris Lessway of North Branch Outing Club, in Michigan for testing. I have a streamer called the Thunder Mutt, that isn’t really new, but I’ve got the final tweaks made at last. I’ve worked on the Thunder Mutt for the past two years.

Thunder Mutt

Also, in the same amount of time, because of the inspiration of OPST, Jonathan Farmer and Greg Senyo, I’ve been diving into the world of Micro Intruders. You might say, “Intruders for bass?” Yes, all day long! That’s what I’ve been using them for, but they can also be thrown for trout. I love these things!
Intruders were initially designed for steelhead by a group of guys that included Ed Ward and Jerry French. Who then started the company, OPST. However, Olympic Pennisula Skagit Tactics, with Ben Paull, have been churning out the Micro Intruders. (By the way, the Intruder is a style of fly, not a specific fly pattern.) I’ve always been in love with Intruders and the design, movement, and look of them. But the nearest steelhead river is about 3 hours away. So, I’ve been going the Micro Intruder route and targeting smallmouth bass. I’ve been doing my homework, fishing, and tying them lately and I’m really excited about how they are performing. Needless to say, I’ll be working on new Intruder designs in the future. Check out some of mine that I’ve tied below.

So that about sums up things here at FrankenFly. I will continue to roll on and see what the future holds. Everyone keep fishing out there!

Thanks for reading!

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FrankenFly Fly Boxes

I really wanted to begin having some FrankenFly fly boxes available, so I did a little research to find a place that could do it. I had many people recommend David Humphries of River Traditions to me. So I contacted David and told him what I was looking for and he sent back some photos of nice boxes and I think they came out looking fantastic! I will make these available soon in the FrankenFly Online Fly Shop.

A traditional aluminum fly box with two sides of slit foam. Rugged and lightweight these fly boxes provide ample storage for a couple days on the water.


Durable light weight aluminum
4 colors available
6″ long x 3 1/2″ wide x 1″ deep
4 oz weight
6 rows of slit foam, room for +200 flies

I will also start carrying these cool little bottle openers that River Traditions makes as well.


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Death Ray scores in Patagonia!

Kate Smith with large brown trout. – photo by Ray Schmidt

This is Kate Smith with a big ol’ brown caught on my articulated streamer, the Death Ray. The fish was caught in the Rio Mañihuales River, Patagonia, Chile. Kate and Ray Schmidt are friends of mine from Michigan. They are the owners of Double SS Outdoors and are consultants to the Fly Fishing Industry. They are also Temple Fork Outfitters representatives.

Close up of fish with fly. – photo by Ray Schmidt

How this started was that I had just made an order for new FrankenFly hats at the end of the year and Kate and Ray ordered a couple, so I also threw in a couple of my Death Rays for them to use on their trip to Patagonia. Kate sent me these photos yesterday. It was awesome to see her smiling with a big brown trout she had just caught on one. Really AWESOME!!

wet Death Ray with FrankenFly hat – photo by Ray Schmidt

The rods Kate and Ray are using are a 7wt TFO BVK and an 8wt TFO Impact. The Impact is the new rod out from TFO and you can see a banner ad for it on the side here at FrankenFly. Just click the banner to find out more about that rod. I have a BVK and it is a great rod that has a good feel to it.

a wet Death Ray – photo by Ray Schmidt

Another thing I want to make note of is the split tail on the Death Ray streamer. These Split Tails are made by Pat Cohen and part of his Cohen’s Creatures line of products. They are available on his website Super Fly. Back in the beginning of 2016 Pat had asked me to test some of these tails and one of the flies I designed used this Split Tail. I did a review on them in the April 2016 issue of North 40 Fly Shop Emag. I did not plan to use any of the streamers I played with when testing the tails, but after fishing the split tail fly through the summer I fell in love with it. It became known as the Death Ray.

By the way, the head on the Death Ray is made from FrankenDUB Monster dubbing and then I trim it.

Congratulations to Kate Smith on a beautiful fish and I hope she and Ray continue to have a wonderful time in Patagonia!



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Dubbing Sale right now!


J. Stockard Fly Fishing has their dubbing on sale right now, so that means FrankenDub is on sale! If you are short on supply or haven’t tried my new dubbing yet, now is a good time to do that because they have it at a great price right now. Also, they are stocked back up because I just sent them more. Head over to J.Stockard to see the prices.

If you want to know more about FrankenDub, check out the dubbing page for more information. There is always a link at the top of the website to the dubbing page as well.


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