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The Bantam

The Portland Fly Shop ties Miguel Morejohn’s Bantam steelhead fly.

Material List:

Size 2 Steelhead Hook
#4 Octopus Hook
Ice Dub
Fusion Dub
Oval Rib
Ostrich Herl
Krystal Flash
XS Lead Eyes
Grizzly Hackle Tips

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Jay’s Swing Jig – Jay Nicholas

From The Caddis Fly Shop:
“In this video Jay ties a Jigged version of the Ultralicious Steelhead Tube Fly. This fly is tied on a #2 Jigged hook using the same color combination of black and blue and includes Double Pupil Eyes. It is fished best swinging for both summer and winter steelhead. The benefit of using a jigged hook versus a Tube Fly is that the hook will ride up so you’re less likely to snag and this fly actually has a little less material than the tube version. If you’re not experienced in tying tube flies yet this is a great alternative. This is a proven color combination that has worked well for Jay and other anglers.”

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Skeleton Leech by Kevin Feenstra

Skeleton Leech tied by Kevin Feenstra

“This fall has been challenging with limited numbers of steelhead. The good news is that the quality of the fish has been great. Because numbers are low, we are constantly trying new color combinations, trying to find something that will take an extra fish or two. Some of the best flies we have found have been when the fishing is not great. Difficult conditions forces us to try new things.

In September, I received some of flashabou’s new white color flash. I could not find a good use for it at first. I decided to incorporate it into some leech patterns this fall. I really did not expect it to work, but the first time we used it we caught a fish. This became a regular occurrence, and this fly has saved some days that would have been unproductive. I have not found a substitute for this new material. The white flashaou is necessary for this fly to work.”

The fly is very easy to tie, here are the materials:

Shank: 25-45 mm of your choice, with a loop of your choice of braid or beadalon
Eyes: Lead or bead chain eyes to suit conditions
Tail: Black Marabou
Wing: White flashabou #6947 (
Wing 2: Black magnum flashabou, clear grizzly flashabou, or black holographic flashabou
Wing 3: (Optional) On cloudy days, a strand of copper magnum flashabou; on sunny days, a strand of magnum holographic flashabou
Head: Orange ice dub covered with hot orange ice dub or Hot orange over pink, or hot orange over chartreuse.

“Fish this fly deep with a heavy sink tip and you won’t be disappointed!”

You can find more about Kevin Feenstra and his guide service at his website.

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Finn Racoon Hohbo Spey

Using Finn Raccoon instead of marabou to increase the life of your flies in freezing temps.

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Kispiox Special

A classic steelhead fly that is even known for some world record fish. Dave from Wet Fly Swing shows us how to tie it. Check it out!

Materials list:
Mustad 36890 size 4
Red Hackle
Orange Chenille
Silver Oval Tinsel
Calf Tail


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JCs Electric Steelie Stone

Detailed instructions for tying New Jersey fly tyer, John Collin’s Electric Steelie Stone.

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Babine Special

Greg Senyo tied a modern version of this classic steelhead fly and it caught my eye on Instagram. The classic was a steelhead, salmon egg pattern that was originally tied for use on the Babine River located in British Columbia. It was meant to resemble roe of spawning fish. The white wing was meant to mimic milt that has covered the eggs. From what I gather, it catches steelhead and salmon, just about anywhere.

Senyo’s Babine Special rendition

Materials listed by Greg:

cut 4x hook
Senyo wire
Ice Dub
Lateral Scale
Pearl Braid
Orange Chinese Hackle
8mm Tangerine Beads

classic Babine Special

Tied by Global Fly Fisher website:
Hook: #4 or #6
Thread: Black
Tail: White marabou
Body: 2 eggs made of orange/peach chenile and two sections of hackle. One being red and the other being white.

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Nicholas Pink Mini Fish Taco Tube

Jay Nicholas demonstrates how to tie and rig a hook on this effective steelhead fly – the Pink Mini Fish Taco Tube Fly.

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Bloom’s Black and Gold – Dave Bloom

Dave Bloom ties up his Bloom’s Black and Gold steelhead pattern. Dave is a guide and tier on the mighty Missouri River in the Craig, Montana area. He’s guided in South American and has decades of experience in the fly fishing industry but has a passion for steelhead fishing.

Materials list:

Hook: Alec Jackson Spey (Gold) #3-#7
Thread: 6/0 Black
Tail: Hot Red or Hot Orange Golden Pheasant Crest
Body: Black SLF with small oval gold tinsel rib
Wing: Orange Artic Fox under Golden Pheasant Rump

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Polly Rosborough’s Polly’s Pride – Piscator Flies

From Darren at Piscator Flies:
“Ernest Herbert Rosborough or better known as Polly is best known for his series of Fuzzy Nymph fly patterns and his self published book “Tying and Fishing the Fuzzy Nymphs”. He is also the architect behind some 60 or so fly patterns that include streamers, bucktails, dries, wets as well as those famous nymphs. The Polly’s Pride is considered his trademark pattern.

Polly was given the nickname by co-workers who said he talked a lot like “Polly the Parrot”. It stuck. Polly worked as both a commercial fly tyer and a trapper and partnered with fly angler Dick Winter for a while producing flies. He authored a few books including the most known, Tying and Fishing the Fuzzy Nymphs which has been reprinted several times.

In his later years, Polly lived alone along the Williamson river in Chiloquin, OR. He tied flies for collectors and for the tackle shop he lived nearby.”

Polly’s Pride fly pattern recipe:
Hook: Streamer hook Mustad L87 #4
Thread: 6/0 black
Tail: Red hackle fibers (hen or rooster)
Rib: #14 Silver flat mylar tinsel
Body: Fl. Red Laser Dub (lamb’s wool )
Collar: Red rooster hackle
Wing: White marabou
Topping: 6 black ostrich herls
Eyes: White with black pupil

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