Mike Schmidt at Wildcat Creek Outfitters


Mike tying a huge fly!

I had the pleasure of taking Mike Schmidt’s fly tying class over in Zionsville, Indiana at Wildcat Creek Outfitters. We tied two Mike Schmidt patterns, the Reaper and Red October. Then we tied a Conrad’s Sculpin and Senyo’s Artificial Intelligence. Mike is a great guy and really knows his stuff. If you ever have a chance to take one of his classes, whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or veteran tyer, I recommend you do so. Mike owns Angler’s Choice Flies.

My friend Dave Hosler was on hand taking pictures of Mike teaching the class and demo tying afterwards. If you head over to Dave’s blog, Pilecast, you can check out all of the photos. While I’m on the subject of Pilecast, make sure you look at Dave’s step-by-step’s of his patterns DFL and Chewy.


Conrad Sculpin tied by Mike Schmidt


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  1. Mike is an unbelievable tier. I love that sculpin! I’ll also give a shout out to Dave. He’s a class guy and Pile Cast is great.