Goddard Caddis – double dose

John Goddard, Andre Puyans, and a fishing companion of Goddard’s, Cliff Henry, discovered a way to get excellent floatability with a caddis pattern and designed the Goddard Caddis. The fly is effective and has become well known in fly fishing circles. It is still used to this day.

Denver Rathbun at Big R Fly Shop in Great Falls, MT, ties a Goddard Caddis using fall colors. While I was thinking of the Goddard Caddis, I couldn’t help to post Tightline Productions’ fly tying video on the Goddard Caddis. I think both videos show you good ways of tying the pattern and gives you two perspectives.

• Size 14 Tiemco TMC 100
• Size 14 Whiting 100’s Saddle Hackle
• Schlappen Feather Stem
• Black 70 Ultra Thread
• Orange Deer Body Fur
• Peacock Hurl

Hook: Standard dry-fly hook (here, a Dai-Riki 305), sizes 14.
Thread: Rusty brown, 6/0 or 70 denier.
Adhesive: Zap-A-Gap.
Body: Deer hair, flared and spun.
Antennae: Brown hackle quill.
Hackle: Brown dry-fly hackle.
Head: Tying thread.
Tools: Long scissors.


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3 Responses to Goddard Caddis – double dose

  1. I’ve never tied or tried a Goddard caddis. I love the second one not only because it looks a lot easier to tie, but sure looks realistic. Thanks Paul.

  2. i love the muddler superb tie …………..