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How to Tie The Composite Shrimp – OPST

From OPST:
Here’s a quick video that shows how to tie Ben Paull’s Composite Shrimp. This is a fun and pretty simple pattern, with the hardest part being the compact composite loop and the mono rib that goes through it. Try it out in multiple color combinations for crayfish, shrimp and crabs.

Hook: size 6 bonefish
Thread: 140 denier veevus
Weight: double pupil lead eyes, X-Small, white
Butt: UV black barred life flex wrap, fl. orange
Eyes: epoxy mono crab eyes, shrimp pink, transparent black pupil
Legs: Chicone’s barred crusher legs, brown/clear
Composite loop: UV tan and UV light gray ice dub, and lady amherst
Rib: 12 pound mono
Shellback: white packing foam

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Mike Schmidt Live – The So Fresh N Flat

The So Fresh N Flat…and an announcement for Thursday night

Posted by Michael Schmidt on Tuesday, December 6, 2016

If you missed the live Facebook broadcast of Mike Schmidt tying The So Fresh N Flat, here it is!
This Facebook live feature is something new fly tiers are starting to use. I will start posting more of these here on FrankenFly. Enjoy!

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Pattegrisen (the Pink Pig)

This is my my take on Pattegrisen, probably the most popular and famous Danish saltwater fly ever. It was developed by Claus Eriksen back in 2006 – with some inspiration from Morten Oland’s Spey Shrimp. It’s a killer for sea trout. The fly is tied on an Ahrex NS150 hook. Claus was actually part of the team, that designed that hook model.

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Gangster Gurgler

Nick Davis of 239 Flies shows us how to tie his Gangster Gurgler in this fly tying video.

Materials list:

Medium cactus chenille
Crustacean eyes (optional)
Pseudo hair color 1
Pseudo hair color 2
Palmer chenille
Krystal hackle
239 Double sexy foam
EP tarantula brush
Loon outdoor UV Thin
Daiichi 2546 1/0

All featured materials can be purchased on

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Deer Hair Megalolipop – 239 Flies

Nick Davis of 239 Flies shows us how to tie the Deer Hair Megalolipop.


Medium cactus chenille
Palmer chenille
Arctic fox tail
Deer body hair
Bead chain or lead eyes
Thread 1
Thread 2 (optional)
Daiichi 2546 size 2

All featured material can be purchased at

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Brita Fordice Interview!

Tell us a little about yourself and how you got into the world of fly fishing?

I learned from my dad and grandfather when I was very young.   I grew up with a cabin we spent most weekends at on the Stillaguamish river in Washington state.  I learned to fly fish at the age of 8, and I never truly learned to throw a spinning rod until 2016…..    Spinning rods scared me. Too easy to knot up.

Did you have a mentor of any kind? Someone that you learned a lot from or was inspired by when fly fishing or fly tying?

I wouldn’t say I necessarily had a mentor, however one person that I highly respect that continues to challenge me in my fly tying even from a few states away is my old work colleague Andrew Grillos.  He is also the single best fly naming person I’ve ever met.

How long have you been tying flies?

I taught myself at ten.

What species do you fish for most often these days?

Sea Run Cutthroat and Salmon in Puget Sound

Searun Cutthroat

Sea Run Cutthroat

Would you describe a couple of your rod setups? For example, the size and type of fly rod, line, and leader you use?

I use a Sage 690 X rod with a RIO Coastal Quickshooter intermediate fly line or a RIO Outbound with a 5-10’ versileader and a 4 foot section of 10lb fluorocarbon tippet.

Have you designed your own fly patterns?

Yes.  All of the flies on my Instagram I’ve created.  I have specific Umpqua flies that are copyrighted.

What is your process like when designing a new fly?

There aren’t many things I will admit I am good at. And being self-taught with no formal casting instruction for 25 years I am by no means a perfect fly caster….   But the one thing that has always come very easy to me is tying, and I’ve worked hard at it. There are few baitfish in the world that I can’t look at the fish and duplicate it in a fly form. I have never used recipes, and it bores me to try to follow a recipe. I don’t cook well either for that reason 😉   It challenges me daily to find fish to recreate, and I love the physics involved in order to enable it to ride correctly in the water.

Saltwater Squid

Saltwater Squid

What are some of the things you are thinking about when designing a fly for steelhead specifically? 

“Texture and colors” are what I usually like to consider…  In that I always want lots of movement in the water, and different forms of movement.    I also want different colors that compliment the pattern, yet also give a “depth” to the fly pattern.

What type of fly tying vise do you use?

Beat up old Renzetti Traveler….  One day I’ll upgrade, but this vise won’t die and I love it.

Could you describe a couple of your most memorable fish that you have caught?

I generally look back on certain fish as being memorable not because of the fish necessarily, but because of the company too.   One fish was my Clearwater steelhead hooked on a skated muddler.   The fish wasn’t that great, but the whole weekend was amazing fishing with my friend and guide Brian Styskal.

Steelhead on Skated Muddler

Steelhead on Skated Muddler

I read that you are an encyclopedia of fly tying materials of classic and modern flies. Can you explain a little about this?

I joke with people that I’m a plethora of useless knowledge…   I spent decades ordering tying materials for the fly shop I worked at.    We were and still are the most eager shop I’ve ever encountered to special order tying materials for customers, which required me to memorize every catalog that came through over the years. I can look at virtually any synthetic and most natural tying material and tell you exactly what it is. I used to have people bring in boxes of materials consistently for me to look over and label what the fur and feathers were.

Do you still fish any classic flies?

Yes.   Most are renditions of classics and my own take on them. I love Alec Jacksons Spade fly, the Orange Heron, and Dec Hogans versions of the Akroyd fly. I tie a large number of Dee flies for my own use as well.

Can you explain a little about what spey fishing is for those that do not know? 

In general, it is a technique for casting that originally was developed on the river Spey with heavy rods that were upwards of 20 feet initially. It utilizes a water load as opposed to false casting in the air like a single hand rod. Spey casting allows an angler to cast a great distance with little back casting room, and allows more control over the speed of the swing of the fly.

Custom Bronze and Blue Spey Fly tied by Brita

Custom Bronze and Blue Spey Fly tied by Brita

I notice you tie various flatwing flies. Could you explain what that is?

This is a technique for tying that was developed and created by the legendary Kenney Abrames for stripers on the east coast. It is not one fly specifically, but a technique and fishing method. There is nothing I have ever found that fishes the way a correctly tied flatwing fishes. Many claim to tie flatwings… But there is a method to the madness, and without the correct order and specifically placed materials it just isn’t a flatwing.

traditional flatwing

traditional flatwing

Thank you for doing this interview for FrankenFly Brita, it was a pleasure!

Brita is a fly fishing guide at The Avid Angler in Washington. She also teaches classes there and works for Far Bank(Sage Rods) full time during the week. Be sure to look her up for your next trip to Washington!

Flatwing Sand Shrimp

Flatwing Sand Shrimp


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Redfish Ritalin – Nick Davis

Nick Davis of 239 Flies shows us how to tie the Redfish Ritalin and uses some of the same materials and ties the Marsh Critter.

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Jerk Jr. – Gunnar Brammer

Gunnar says, “I tie a small baitfish streamer pattern that I designed and explain in detail how to tie it. The fly is roughly 4″ long and is designed to cut though the water, creating a jerk bait style action. The Jerk Jr. is an exalent smallmouth bass pattern as well as other warm water, and saltwater species.”

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Gummy Minnow – In The Riffle

In The Riffle’s information on this video includes the following.
“The Gummy Minnow is a super realistic baitfish pattern that works very well for minnow eating ocean species. The Gummy Minnow can be tied on several different color variations, such as Brown, Olive, Blue and Pearl. The Gummy Minnow is simple, in that it is only made of 2 materials (Crystal Skin and Eyes). But the Gummy Minnow in not necessarily easy to tie. The Crystal Skin or “Sili Skin” can be very difficult to work with. It is super sticky and clings to anything. Once you get the hang of this fly and get used to working with Crystal Skin, you can begin to crank them out!”

Gummy Minnow Fly Tying Recipe:
Hook: #1/0 – #06 Tiemco 811S
Thread: White 100 Denier Veevus GSP
Body: Pearlescent Thin Crystal Skin or Sili Skin
Back: Moss Green Thin Crystal Skin or Sili Skin
Overcoat: Clear Thin Crystal Skin or Sili Skin
Eyes: Super Pearl 3/16″ Stick On Eyes
Glue: Loon Hard Head

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Backwater’s Micro Crab

This great micro crab pattern landed me my first triggerfish! Whip it up and give it a try on a flat near you!

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