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Classic Salmon Flies and the like

I wanted to show some love to the classic salmon fly tyers out there, so I took a trip around the Internet and put together a collection of great looking salmon flies. Some of these are classic, some are tyers tying freestyle. I hope you enjoy the salmon fly eye candy!

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Flies Around the Net – October 2017

I haven’t forgotten, here is Flies Around the Net for October! Enjoy the fly eye candy!


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The Fly Tying of Jan Popel

Jan Popel

Hello, I’m Jan, from Germany. It has almost been 3 years since I have been tying my own flies. Over time, a passion has developed. For me it is a kind of meditation which I pursue with a lot of heart.

At this point, I would like to thank a very good friend and excellent fly tier , Paul Slaney, who gave me a lot of tips from his knowledge. I especially love the old school patterns. These patterns contain many of the basics that you can build upon.

I like to work with Calf Hair, Peacock and Deer Hair, because it is natural and can be processed very differently.
For me it is a good feeling when I can inspire other people. Because together everything is better and gives meaning to life.

Thank you Paul for your invitation to be on FrankenFly and I wish a good day to all.

Be sure to follow Jan on Instagram @jan.p72


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Babine Special

Greg Senyo tied a modern version of this classic steelhead fly and it caught my eye on Instagram. The classic was a steelhead, salmon egg pattern that was originally tied for use on the Babine River located in British Columbia. It was meant to resemble roe of spawning fish. The white wing was meant to mimic milt that has covered the eggs. From what I gather, it catches steelhead and salmon, just about anywhere.

Senyo’s Babine Special rendition

Materials listed by Greg:

cut 4x hook
Senyo wire
Ice Dub
Lateral Scale
Pearl Braid
Orange Chinese Hackle
8mm Tangerine Beads

classic Babine Special

Tied by Global Fly Fisher website:
Hook: #4 or #6
Thread: Black
Tail: White marabou
Body: 2 eggs made of orange/peach chenile and two sections of hackle. One being red and the other being white.

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The Gig Harbor Fly Shop ties up the Kilowatt. Known to do well for catching Coho Salmon, it will catch other species as well. It’s a simple pattern, so try it out!

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Flies Around the Net – March 2017

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Trout on the Swing!!! by Jeff Hubbard

These small Streamer patterns work well in the Spring in Michigan. These flies represent two very important baitfish patterns in the diet of our cold water fisheries in the Great Lakes Region. The Salmon Fry and the Smolt pattern. In the Spring thousands of wild King Salmon fry hatch in the Pere Marquette River. These small minnows become a huge staple in the Brown and Rainbow Trout’s diet until the insect hatches begin. These fry sit along the banks in huge numbers allowing Brown and Rainbow Trout to slam them in the shallows. Almost like witnessing a blitz in salt water where a big fish is attacking the bait. In the Spring the Smolt of these King Salmon and Steelhead of two years of age, start to school up to make their long migration back to Lake Michigan following the adult Steelhead after they spawn and head out to the Lake. These become a big piece of protein for a giant Brown and Rainbow Trout as they try to ambush them on there way out of the river system. Another major food source for our resident Trout is Sculpin’s. The Pere Marquette River and other Great Lakes tributary’s are full of these baitfish. You can find them hiding everywhere, especially rivers full of woody debris.

In the last two Springs I have been playing around with smaller weight size switch rods and short Airflo Scout heads. This system is a ton of fun to cast and hook fish on. Swinging not only for the resident Trout but for any Steelhead that might be left in the river later in the Spring. I find fishing these smaller flies, can be even more effective, then stripping giant Streamers off the bank at a much faster speed. Swinging these small flies is more of a match the hatch scenario and do to the fact your presenting them at a much slower speed with cold water temps on the swing, can trigger more strikes. You give that big trout a little more time to react to a fly in the cooler water and due to the smaller size and life like look they are willing to take it. These flies are all simple to tie with not a lot of steps or materials involved. Good luck and Tight Lines, Jeff Hubbard


Hubbard’s Flash Fry

Hubbard’s Flash Fry
Hook: Heavy Wire Long Shank Nymph Hook Size 6
Tail:  3 pieces of Pearl Fringe
Body: Peacock Ice Dub Wrapped towards eye of hook and use more as a shoulder.
Wing: Tie in a reverse piece of Olive Artic Fox or Craft Fur, fray out with fingers and pull over Ice Dub shoulder and Tie off. Then add three more pieces of the Pearl Fringe.
Collar: tie in a nice piece of Mallard Flank natural by the tip and palmer towards eye of hook.
Eyes:  Gold Bead Chain Eyes small or medium in size tied on top with Ice Dub , dubbed around them towards eye. 
Finish off eye with whip finish.

Hubbard’s Swinging Smolt

Hubbard’s Swinging Smolt

Hook:  Daiichi 1750 size 4
Tail: two soft grizzle hackles tied in Matuka style off the back of hook.
Body:  Green Caddis Ice Dub , dubbed towards front of hook putting more on towards front to form a shoulder.
Wing: Tie in reverse Artic Fox White. fray out with fingers and pull over  Ice Dub shoulder.  Two strands , one off each side of Lateral Scale Pearl (1760 is the number).
Collar:  Tie in natural Mallard Flank tip first palmer towards eye of hook.
Eyes: Medium Silver Bead Chain Eyes.
Head:  Clump on Senyo’s Laser Dub Silver Minnow Body to form head, trim and form with scissors’ around Bead Chain Eyes
Tie off and whip finish.

Hub’s PM Parr “little fry”

Hub’s PM Parr “little fry”

I developed this fly long ago for Nymphing , learned lately it swings well too.
Hook: Daiichi 1750 Size 6 or 4
Tail: White Grizzly Marabou
Body: Olive Ice Dub with Mallard flank palmer to front of hook
Wing: Grizzly Marabou pulled over top
Eyes: Med Red Eyes
Head: Shrimp or Orange Ice Dub

Mini Pugsley Sculpin

Mini Pugsley Sculpin

Hook: Daiichi 2461 Size 2
Body:  Peacock Ice Dub wrapped towards front of the hook then make a shoulder of dubbing.
Collar:   Tie on a sparse amount of the Rubber Bass Skirts this color is Green/Pumpkin Orange.
Collar: Tie in brown shlappen by tip palmer towards eye of hook.
Wing: a few strands of Red Flashabou tied in behind the Sculpin Head.
Head: the key part for any Sculpin pattern.  Tie in a clump of Rusty Brown Senyo Laser Dub and trim to give the Sculpin head your looking for.

These Fly Patterns are a Copy Right of Outfitters North Guide Service 2017

Can also be found at

Jeff has been a full time professional Fly Fishing Guide in West Michigan now for 20 years.   He spends a majority of his guiding and fishing  time on his home river the Pere Marquette.  Jeff provides all his own flies on his guide trips, he ties a lot f patterns from Swing Flies for Steelhead to Hoppers in the summer.    Operates and owns Outfitters North Guide Service.  where you can find other great fly patterns for Trout, Salmon and Steelhead. His favorite method of fishing is Swinging Flies for Steelhead November through March.

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Trevor’s Squid – Composite Loop Tutorial

Learn from veteran Alaskan guide Trevor Covich how to tie his fun and extremely effective squid fly. Trevor goes into detail on the composite loop, a technique that will revolutionize your fly tying. This squid pattern has been crafted on some of the best king salmon water on the planet, where hookups are numerous and there is unparalleled opportunity to see what styles and materials work best. Check out for the key materials used in this fly.

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Hairwing Brora Salmon Fly by Davie McPhail

Materials Used:

Hook Alex Jackson Spey size 1.5
Threads, Uni8/0 Pink and Black
Tag, Uni-Tinsel X-Small Oval Silver Tinsel & Uni-Floss Hot Pink
Tail, Golden Pheasant Crest dyed Sunburst or Natural
Body, First Half Lagartun X-Strong Medium Oval Silver Tinsel
Second Half Med-Flat Silver Tinsel and Small Oval Silver Tinsel
Veiling, Golden Pheasant Crest dyed Sunburst or Natural
Wing, Brown, White and Blue Bucktail
Hackle, Blue Eared Pheasant dyed Black
Eyes, Jungle Cock

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The Pinky Tuscadero Coho Fly

I love the name of this fly!

Designed for Pacific NW Coho Salmon

Material List:

Gamakatsu Octopus #2 and 25mm Waddington Shank
30# Backing
Hot Pink Rabbit Strip
Aqua GlowRuber Legs
Polar Reflector Flash
Pearl UV Predator Wrap
Barred Pink Predator Wrap
Hot Pink Rubber Legs
Hot Pink Marabou
XL Nickle Heavy Lead Eyes

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