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Brook Fishing Equipment

The Brook Box

The Brook Fishing Equipment Brook Box is an amazing fly box! I’m not just saying that, it has some outstanding features that made me very happy when inspecting and testing the box for myself.

First, I’ll give you a brief backstory. I had never heard of Brook Fishing Equipment before the Midwest Fly Fishing Expo where I tied back in March. Jarrett from Brook Fishing Equipment came to my table and was telling me that he really enjoyed FrankenFly and that he had a booth there himself. I asked him about his booth and he brought back his Brook Box fly box and was telling me about the silicone inserts.

Since then, I’ve had the chance to thoroughly check out The Brook Box. The silicone inserts work exceptionally well! They are kind of a rubbery type of material, to help explain what they feel like. The reason they work so well is because you can put a hook into them, take the hook out and you can’t even see where the hook was in the insert. It heals itself right away. For testing purposes, I placed a 4/0 hook into the insert, pulled it out and had the same result. I even put magnifying glasses on to try and see a hole and I could not find one. Brook Fishing Equipment offers the inserts in slit and non-slit form, in case you are interested in having slits. In my opinion, slits are not necessary when you have inserts like this.

Another impressive feature about The Brook Box is the depth of the box. If you are a dry fly fisher I’m sure you know how hard it is to find a fly box that doesn’t mash your flies down when you put them in a fly box. I placed dry flies in The Brook Box and they were not even close to being in danger of being smashed. Plus, the way the slit inserts are made, your hackle will hang over the trough of the inserts so your hackle isn’t mashed on the bottom. I love this!

Not only can it handle dry flies, it has the room to store poppers. I placed a large 1/0 deer hair popper in the box and closed the lid. It did not move the popper or smash it.

Besides having plenty of room I noticed the box was very well made and sturdy. It also floats. The dimensions of the Brook Box are: 6.625″ x 4.125″ x 1.75″

Another product available from Brook Fishing Equipment is their Outta The Box fly patch. This is a fairly large fly patch with dimensions measuring: 7.875″ x 6″. It is designed to be placed in your boat, kayak, vehicle, next to your fly tying vise or where ever you need to place your flies. It has Velcro mounting, so it is easily mounted and can be mobile.

Outta The Box

I have posted below their current brochure which includes more details about Brook Fishing Equipment products. Be sure to visit their website at If you are in the market for a new fly box, I highly recommend The Brook Box!



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3 Ways to Reverse/Hollow Tie Faux Bucktail with Blane Chocklett.

Blane Chocklett answers some questions regarding the new Faux Bucktail from Flymen Fishing.

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New product: Faux Bucktail from Flymen Fishing Company

Fish‐Skull® Faux Bucktail™ is a tapered synthetic fiber designed to imitate typical premium‐length natural bucktail (or other animal fur fibers that have similar properties).

Natural taper: Faux Bucktail™ fibers are designed with the same basic diameter, gentle “crinkle”, and natural taper as bucktail, allowing you to tie most of the standard techniques and achieve the same distinctive bucktail fly or lure action in the water. In appearance, it looks almost identical.

Consistent length: Unlike natural bucktail, every Faux Bucktail™ fiber is of premium length (6‐inches / 152mm), eliminating the need to sort and search for ideal length strands and having to discard short hairs and under fibers that are unusable.

Ease of Use: Each Faux Bucktail™ bundle of fibers is glued together at the base making it easy and convenient to work with. Simply peel off the full length of your desired amount of fibers, trim to desired length, and tie them in. All the fibers are already “pre‐stacked”, but like natural bucktail a clump of fibers can be easily pulled and teased out to create a nice tapered tail, wing or body on your fly or lure.

Permanent color: Faux Bucktail™ is available in 12 vibrant colors will not bleed onto your hands while tying or fade from constant fishing. More colors will follow as the product gains momentum in the market.

Tough & durable: Designed to hold up to the toothy rigors of big‐game fishing (“bite‐proof”), Faux Bucktail™ fibers bond with super glue or other adhesives better than natural fibers, which secures eyes and other materials firmly in place and increases the lifespan of your flies or lures.

Versatile: The full length can be easily trimmed to suit the specific fly or lure you are tying. Anything from large Pike or Musky flies/lures to smaller Clouser Minnows or Deceivers or Bucktail Jigs or bite‐proof tails on Foam poppers!

Sheds water: Keep your flies light and easy to cast all day. No more waterlogged flies or lures.

No Smell: Unlike natural bucktail, Faux Bucktail™ will make both your wife and fish much, much happier!

Premium Retail Packaging: Each bundle of Faux Bucktail™ Fibers is packaged in the highest quality, barcoded; colorcoded retail packaging designed to look fantastic hanging in your store. The packaging splays the fibers in such a way that customers can closely examine the product and provide all the information necessary to make a purchasing decision. In addition, the light‐weight, low‐profile retail packs allow for easy, lower cost shipping.

Export Ease: Being a synthetic product, this eliminates the usual government requirements and restrictions for importing/exporting animal fur and feather products.

Performance Advantage: Faux Bucktail™ has a distinct performance advantage over other synthetic fibers on the market because it is tapered enabling your finished fly or lure to move more naturally in the water like real animal fur. To explain, normal synthetic fibers are not tapered which means the diameter of each fiber is exactly the same thickness from one end to the other. This creates a “consistent stiffness” along the full length of the fiber which does not allow the energy generated from the front of the fly or lure (as it moves through the water) to accelerate along the full length of the fiber to the back in the same way that a tapered fiber does. To illustrate this concept, think of how much easier it is to crack a whip than it is to crack a length of rope! In summary, a tapered fiber will give your fly or lure better action.


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Predator Premium Fly Tying Vise – Kick Starter campaign

The monies in this campaign are to expand/continue production on the following products:

Find out more details at this link:

1. The Predator Fly Tying Vise (“Predator”). The Predator is taller, stronger, and more beefy than any other vise on the market. Aesthetically, it is different than any other vise on the market and is very eye catching compared to its competitors. Some have described it as an industrial sculpture. In other words, not only is it stronger and more substantial, it looks stronger and more substantial. The Predator comes standard with many new exciting, innovative, features and fills existing voids in fly tying that tyers have wanted (either consciously or subconsciously) for years. The typical reaction when the vise is demoed is “why has no one else done this yet?”
Hook range for the vise is from a small #28 to a large #6/0.

The Predator comes standard with the following features a. through e.:

a. 12 inch tall/ fully adjustable height: unlike most fly tying vises, the Predator stands much taller than the majority of its competitors, putting the fly closer to the tyer’s eye level without having to place things underneath the vise to get it to eye level. Furthermore, unlike most of our competitors, the height is easily adjustable for the tyer’s preference.

b. 5/8 inch post: The Predator utilizes a 5/8 inch post, for weight and strength. The Predator is not just a vise, it is also a platform, which will allow for the addition of multiple attachments, including the Back Snatch, which comes as a standard with the Predator. Other attachments (which may be purchased separately) already in production include the Flex Arm Pro Tyer Light and the Flex Arm Smart Phone Profiler/Magnifier. A vacuum attachment that will catch trimmings as they fall and will vacuum up toxic fumes from adhesives while the tyer ties, is in the works. Force Fly Fishing intends to continue to develop other ground-breaking attachments, which may be added to the Predator.

c. Centerlines- After “true rotary” which is sold for the ability to spin the hook on a horizontal axis, no other vise company has addressed how to control centering the plane of the hook. Our centerlines (every 90 degrees with added angle marks between them) allows the user to tie in wings, eyes, wing cases, etc. in a properly aligned position, giving the tyer confidence in the accuracy of the alignment of the fly. This is extremely important for those tying flies professionally for sale in shops.As well as the hobbyist tyer No other company has used centerlines.

d. Back Snatch: The Back Snatch Flex Arm is basically a third hand/arm, providing the tyer with another hand to assist in dealing with unruly material. Every tyer wishes they had more hands. It also acts as a gallows tool also for tying parachute styled flies. Other than gallows tools, no other company has developed anything like the Back Snatch. The Back Snatch is extremely flexible, yet sturdy, and can be adjusted many different ways. It also accommodates other uses such as a bobbin rest.

e. Work Caddy: The base of the vise is a work caddy, as opposed to simply a platform, which the post attaches to. Most vise bases are simply that… a base, which has no other purpose than being something to attach the vise post to. These traditional bases take up crucial space on the tyer’s bench. The Predator’s base functions simultaneously as a solid platform to attach the vise post to and as a work/tool caddy, providing a convenient place for the fly tyer”s tools to be easily picked up , and put back down during tying. Few, if any, vises have any sort of work caddy built into the vise. Other companies have developed caddys for storage of tools, thread, etc. but they are not attached to the vise. So, the tyer has to reach further to find necessary tools and tying materials, which can be a nuisance when tying detailed flies where time is of the essence (because glue is being used or materials are being held in place) and mistakes are easily made when the tyer must search around for necessary materials. Here, the tools and materials are at the tyers finger tips because they are contained in a work caddy attached to the vise. The only other company to date that we have found that has a built-in stock work caddy is the vise made by Stonefo (an Italian company). Our work caddy is superior because it is much larger and less confined, allowing for space for larger tools, glues, and other materials. This feature adds to the user-friendliness of the Predator, alleviating the need for extra work caddys and saving critical space. We are also in the process of developing another work caddy that attaches to the vise, which will be sold separately. Although this is a beefy, innovative, feature-filled vise, we are trying to keep the price reasonable.

2. Flex Arm Pro Tyer Light (“Pro Tyer Light”): The Pro Tyer Light is another step forward toward the future of fly tying. This fully adjustable LED light with dimmer switch, is the perfect adjustable lumination for fly tying, brightening your fly tying experience.

3. Flex Arm Smart Phone Profiler/Camera Attachment/Magnifier (“Profiler”): Attach your smart phone to this flex arm attachment & download a free app, which will allow you to choose any color in the spectrum & brightness for a profiler that will help save your eyesight & do the job a profiler should do. Added bonus, spin your phone around, turn on camera and magnify your fly/zoom in on your fly to any extent your phone will allow. Turn a #32 hook into the size of the screen of your phone. Imagine that! This attachment also allows you to watch or make instructional videos (or whatever else floats your boat), while you tie.

Size Comparison

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Chuck Furimsky’s Turbo Tail

From Tim Cammisa:
In this fly tying tutorial, Chuck Furimsky is our guest tyer and shares his Turbo Tail pattern. This unique tie features Chuck’s Bugskin material, and there is no doubt that his creativity shows with this one. Chuck does an excellent job tying, plus shares a lot of great stories and thoughts along the way.

If interested in purchasing the Turbo Tail fly tying material, please contact Mike Hogue of Badger Creek: 607-347-4946

This video also features some incredible underwater camera footage by Tim Flagler of Tightline Productions; please visit his site here:

Hook: Partridge Ad Swier Pike; # 8/0
Thread: Ultra 210 Denier; white
Tail Guard: 25# monofilament
Tail: Turbo Tail; X-large
Body: EP Craftfur Brush

Thanks for viewing this YouTube fly fishing tutorial, and I encourage you to view my additional videos at the following website:

Chuck Furimsky is the creator of the largest fly tying show in the world, the International Fly Tying Symposium; check out information about the show here:

Let us know what you think of this pattern, and if it’s one you will tie or fly fish with. Feel free to leave any additional variations, questions, or comments on this YouTube page, or you can email me:

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Apex Predator Bobbin – Kickstarter

Apex Predator bobbin

Ilias Karanzas has started his company, Karanzas Fly Co. His first project is a bobbin called the Apex predator bobbin series. Carbon fiber frame, all anodized aluminum parts, over sized axel for extra sturdiness. Simple, yet reliable drag system, XL ceramic tube that has a bigger than average inner diameter and makes it easier to thread and nicer for people tying with thicker threads for those bigger bugs.

Instead of making a couple of different sizes, this one has an adjustable ceramic tube that can be adjusted according to preference or even swapped if someone is accident prone.

He needs your help to get this new bobbin off the ground, so he has started a Kickstarter project. Please see below and head over to the Kickstarter project to check it out.

Kickstarter page for Apex Predator Bobbin


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The Laughing Fly by Andrew Nelson

I was born and raised in Minnesota and grew up spin, fly, and ice fishing under both of my grandfathers’ careful watch. We lived on Forest Lake, just north of the Twin Cities, and fishing was always my escape. I had a 16’ Crestliner Nighthawk boat that my parents would let me take out essentially whenever I wanted. When I was in 9th grade my mom purchased a portable Clam ice fishing shack for me and I was given a very long leash to explore and fish the lake. We took many trips to Lake Superior every year and I even worked for some time as a first mate on a charter fishing boat out of Bayfield, WI. Never during this time did I raise any farm animals or spend much time around livestock.

In our late twenties my wife and I moved back to her family’s farm in the mountains of West Virginia. I took a job working for a university autism program and began to fly fish much more as trout fishing opportunities abound in the Mountain State. My fishing buddy lent me his fly tying kit one winter and I began to tie very mediocre flies. It is a very common progression and a yarn you have likely heard a million times before.


It got decidedly more interesting for me when we found out our third child was on the way. I quit playing guitar and mandolin in a local band and looked for more steady part time work to help balance our budget. That is when my friends David Moran and Lori Wall approached me and asked if I was interested in coming to work part time on their alpaca and sheep farm. I immediately said yes and have been with them and the animals at Crimson Shamrock Ranch ever since.

One day, when preparing for the annual shearing of the alpaca, I got the idea to try to take their fine fiber and work with it to create fly tying dubbing. Aileen Lane of MK Flies had tweeted that alpaca was one of her favorite materials and I decided I would try to work on some colorways to send her. That is when my small home grown fly tying materials business, The Laughing Fly, was born. I think back to those early samples now and realize how much I have learned since then.

Over the years we have taken our animals and fiber arts to various festivals and shows and I was always on the lookout for interesting animals that had fibers which would work well for tying large predator flies and streamers. That is when I first laid eyes on Monty, a Pygora goat.


Pygora are crosses between angora and pygmy goats. They are bred to carry the long lustrous fiber of angora goats while having the hearty toughness the pygmy breed brings to the table. Monty produces about 4lbs. of fleece per shearing. That does not sound like much, and in the grand scheme of things it is not. However, about 3-4 of his large locks when hand washed, dyed, carded, blended, and packaged on my small 2 acre farm make for a nice product for tying streamers. The fibers are not as soft and thin as alpaca or as stiff as yak or bucktail…they fall somewhere in between. Daniel Seaman of Bug Wild and Gunnar Brammer of Brammer’s Custom Flies have been very helpful in the development of this product. With their help, the help of others, and information from my own tying sessions I know what potential these fibers bring to the vise. I also know what they lack and this information will inform our goat breeding program moving forward.

Pygora Streamer Blends

Pygora Streamer Blends

Homegrown fly I tied using Pygora Streamer blends and goat beard fibers.

Homegrown fly I tied using Pygora Streamer blends and goat beard fibers.

Flies by Gunnar Brammer (top) and Daniel Seaman (bottom) incorporating Pygora Blends

Flies by Gunnar Brammer (top) and Daniel Seaman (bottom)
incorporating Pygora Blends

One of the things I enjoy most about this process is that my small two acre farm is perfectly self-sustaining. I have a small herd of goats. The hay my land produces is exactly what is needed to get the herd through the cold winters in the mountains here. The grazing paddocks in the summer provide enough to see us through the warm season as well. This process adds meaning and peace to a busy life. Bringing homegrown materials like the alpaca dubbing and Pygora Goat Streamer Blends to the fly tying market contributes to the creative community of fly tyers and fishers. We believe in this small farm concept so much, in fact, that a small group of us started something called the Fly Farm Coalition ( to help small scale producers, those sourcing unique materials, and tyers who are open to using locally produced materials network and get their products and ideas out to the masses.

Andrew with his Pygora Goat

Andrew with his Pygora Goat

There is nothing like catching a fish on a fly you tied…except, maybe, for catching a fish on a fly you tied using materials from an animal you raised or a material you created. It is primal and fun and I dream every day about the materials I am developing playing a role in your life as you fool a fish in your home waters.
Have a great time out there everybody and come see us in the mountains of West Virginia if you are ever in the area!

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New Product – Deer Creek 3D HD Jungle Cock Eyez

tied by Paul J Beel

tied by Paul J Beel

For some time now I’ve had multiple requests from fly fishers wanting to order Game Changer streamers from me. In the past I had ignored the requests because I had not put in the time for research, fishability, and work it takes to tie these things. Until now, that is. About a month ago I had an order come through from a fly shop that I tie for quite often and so I decided it was time.

I am now tying Feather Game Changers and really enjoy it. I like the movement and look of these much better than the other types of materials used on other Game Changer type flies. Yes, they are a lot of work to tie, so you have to embrace it.

One of the things I think really make the Feather Game Changers look good are the jungle cock eyes. I struggled with what type of eyes to use on my FGCs. Look, I’m a fly tyer on a budget. I can’t just go out and buy real Jungle Cock for the eyes. Have you looked at the prices lately? Take a look and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

So I turned my attention to trying to find fake jungle cock eyes that I would be happy with. There are several types out there, however, I decided to go with the new Deer Creek 3D HD Jungle Cock Eyez. The others I found were either way too expensive or they didn’t look good enough to me. I had my doubts about the Deer Creek jungle cock eyes at first. Even though I use other Deer Creek eyes and really like them, I was wanting the jungle cock eyes to look a certain way. Also, I was worried about the thickness when tying them in. So as you can see above, I tied up a Feather Game Changer using the eyes and I am extremely happy with them. They look great and I didn’t have any trouble with the thickness like I thought. They are not thick at all where you have to tie them in. That part is nice and thin. I was able to position them easily too. They come in a pack of 5 colors with 3 different sizes for a little over 3 bucks.

Since these worked so well and didn’t break the bank, I wanted to type up a quick review of these little gems. Check’em out and see what you think.

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New products from Hareline Dubbin

There are a lot of new products being released from Hareline Dubbin right now. They just sent out a bunch of sample packs and the new stuff is showing up in fly shops and online fly shops. Since steelhead season is coming, Greg Senyo talks about a couple of the new items below.

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Stonfo Dubbing Brush Machine and Spinner

Check out this fly tying video from Matt Callies using the new Stonfo Dubbing Brush Device, Turbo Spin tool, and some of our newly released material… If you’ve ever wanted to make your own brushes, this is a pretty easy way to do it.

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