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Joe Messinger Flies – videos by Tim Cammisa

From Tim:
“This video features a legend of fly tying, Mr. Joe Messinger. I had the honor of recording Joe tie one of his father’s patterns, the Irresistible. In Part 1, Joe ties the fly and we talk a little about the qualities that make the fish find it…Irresistible! Check back for Part 2, in which I interview Joe and we learn lots more.”

From Tim:
“This video features a legend of fly tying, Mr. Joe Messinger. In Part 2, Joe talks about his early fly tying influences, plus some of his father’s notable patterns.”

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NEW BOOK: The Best Bass Flies – Jay Zimmerman

Jay Zimmerman has released a new book called The Best Bass Flies.

Jay actually contacted me about content for this book and I was hoping mention of the Bucket Mouth League would have made it into the book, but it doesn’t appear that it did.

Anyway, I know Jay is into Largemouth Bass fishing as much as I am and I think it’s awesome that he wrote a book on it. He did a great job on his last book, The Best Carp Flies, so I expect this one to be even better.

Here is what Jay had to say about this book.
“Crazy amount of time and work and attention to the smallest detail came down to holding my breath and opening the box from the publisher…. This book nearly broke me. I am very satisfied with the outcome and hope anyone who ends up with a copy in their possession finds it entertaining, informative…or it at least spurs some new creative endeavor either at the vise or at the keyboard. Enjoy.”

Here is the description:
“Bass fishing (largemouth, primarily) is growing in popularity around the country; it is growing really fast in western states such as Colorado, Idaho, and Nebraska due to the accessibility (public water nearby), crowding of trout streams, and new cadre of anglers that prefer alternatives to trout. Jay Zimmerman features 18 cutting-edge patterns from around the country for largemouth and smallmouth bass, explains how to fish them, and has detailed tying steps. Because of how widespread bass (largemouth, smallmouth, spotted) are, this book should appeal to anglers around the country.”

So definitely check out Jay’s new book, I think you will thoroughly enjoy it, especially if you are into bass fishing on the fly.

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Fat Head Deceiver – Pat Cohen

The deer hair master, Pat Cohen, ties a Fat Head Deceiver.
Visit Pat’s website at

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Brandon Bailes Live – 2.0 Reaper & Warmwater PT


Reaper v2.0 and panfish nymph

Posted by Brandon Bailes on Monday, January 30, 2017

Perch and Bluegill 2.0 Reapers

2.0 Reaper

v2.0 Reaper material list:
2/0 worm hook
large dumbell eyes
small rattle
Ripple Ice Fiber
magnum zonker
barred crazy legs
Polar Chenille
1.5″ EP Foxy or chromatic brush

Warmwater PT using Gumball Purple FrankenDUB Nymph dubbing.

Warmwater PT

Warmwater PT material list:
Gamakatsu b10s size 10
small beadchain eyes
pheasant tail
small size wire ribbing
MFC skinny skin
Frankendub nymph dubbing mixed with wiggle legs

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Sweet Baby Cray – Pat Cohen

You can get these materials at Pat’s website at

From Pat:
Tie the Sweet Baby Cray…my juvenile crayfish imitation using Cohen’s Crayfish bodies in small…

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Jerk Jr. – Gunnar Brammer

Gunnar says, “I tie a small baitfish streamer pattern that I designed and explain in detail how to tie it. The fly is roughly 4″ long and is designed to cut though the water, creating a jerk bait style action. The Jerk Jr. is an exalent smallmouth bass pattern as well as other warm water, and saltwater species.”

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Zudbubbler sale ends this weekend

I want to send a thanks out to everyone that ordered Zudbubblers and other flies from my online store during the recent sale. I still have a few sale orders to tie and send out. The Zudbubbler sale has been a success, but all good things come to an end. So this weekend will be the end of the sale.

Here are a few shots of some of the orders that came through. Also, I went out last weekend and threw some Zudbubbers to largemouth, so check it out!


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Predator fly for Golden Doraldo

Morena (Golden Dorado Fly)
Can be use or fishing golden dorado, siluro, taímen, tucunare, tigerfish, big mouth bass, musky, pike, nile perch…

Hook: Rise 11019 #3/0 to 5/0
Thread: UNI 3/0 o UTC 140
eyes: lead eyes o dumbell eyes with 3D epoxy eyes.
Tail: red bucktail, 2 black schlappen feathers and 2 black genetic saddles feathers, “very long” and webby.
body: black craft fur, cross cut.
Paint: silver o white permanent marker.

This model is ideal for fly fishing for Dorado and is a very simple design to build.
The Golden Dorado is a formidably strong and voracious fish that gives us one of the most spectacular sports fishing in the world, either fly or conventional equipment.
Among the important foods for this large predator that nothing in the huge rivers of South America are called “Morena” among which the “Morena pintada” (Gymnotus carapo) is mimicked with this model.

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Yard Sale sbs – Matt Grajewski


Matt Grajewski displays his Yard Sale streamer step-by-step below.
Matt said, “This version is the Muskie size, but it can be tied in any size for any species. It was originally a very effective trout fly. It’s great for bass and pike too. Just tie it to the appropriate size.”

Materials list:

Tail: bucktail, schlappen feathers, and flash
Body: flash n’ Slinky or similar slinky fiber, and flash
Wing: craft fur
Head: laser dub

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Marsh Mouse by Jeff Marsh

Hey, this is Jeff from High on the fly. Oscoda MI is where I call home and I fish the waters all over this state. The Marsh Mouse was created while fishing with mice that didn’t seem to push the amount of water I wanted. So I created this mouse and it’s been a killer.
I’ve been fly fishing most of my life and love to create new patterns that I normally just save for myself. But this one I will share.

The Marsh Mouse is a simple articulated tie and concept. I use a partridge 2/0 on the front and a partridge 1/0 for the rear. I use 2mm foam and cut it in strips the width of the hook gap and then taper one end to tie in to the hook and cut the rest into a “comb” if you will. I Palmer the foam towards the rear of the hook and back wrap through the foam body to strengthen the connection to the hook shank and to help the foam spikes stand up. I then attach zonker strip and Palmer it through the foam to create the hair body. The only difference between front and rear is the zonker strip tail on the rear.
Color and size can obviously vary to your taste. This fly swims like a dream and holds great body contour while wet. Hope you enjoy..


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