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Faux Bucktail Popper

Gunnar gives a step by step instruction on how to tie a Pike Popper using FlymenFishingCo’s new Faux Bucktail.

Material List:
2/0 Ahrex Light Predator Sting
Tail: Faux Bucktail
Wing: Magnum Flashabou (Barred Yellow, Dyed Pearl)
Bottom Wing: Polar Flash
Collar: Extra Select Craft Fur
Head: Flymen’s Double Barrel Popper (L)
Eyes: Flymen’s Dragon Eyes (6mm)
Legs: Hedron’s Perfect Rubber

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Tie TV – Rippled Fire Dragon – Niklaus Bauer

In this episode of Tie TV, Niklaus Bauer from Fly-Dressing shows us how to tie a really cool articulated pike fly with a Dragon Tail.

The fly has a high and narrow profile which makes it cut the water really well and you can even get a side-to-side action if you twitch it – deadly for big pike…

Material list:


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Black Back Wiggletail in Roach

Paul Monaghan ties up a Black Back Wiggletail. Enjoy!

Generous amounts of bucktail, flash and Nayat (Snow Runner) create an awesome baitfish profile. Add a wiggletail to tempt those big Pike and Muskie..

Material List:

Hook/Rig: Sakuma Manta 546 6/0, Knot2Kinky Titanium 55lb, shrinktube, crimp, bead (optional) and Holo gold Jumbo Slim wiggletail and Mustad Fastac clip.

Thread 100d GSP white
Bucktail in white and medium dunn
Nayat (Snow Runner) in grey and black
Red wool roving
Black wool roving mixed with black angelina fibre
White Deer Creek Mega Lazer dub ( or use white wool roving mixed with silver angelina fibre)
Metz Natural grizzly saddle
Hedron Magnum Flashabou in Moonlight
Hedron standard Flashabou in silver and black
Hedron Mirage in pink
Holofusion in opal
Jerkbaitmania 12mm eyes

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Pike Brushes – Norbert Renaud

From Norbert:
“Spending some time making big brushes for pike flies.A base of funky hairs, middle body is thicker with a bit of funky fibres (closer to the wire).A generous mixture of different flash, freckle flash and shimmer flash mostly used.Wire is stainless steel 0.2mm. These brushes will be used for making extra large game changers.”

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Tony Sandrone and Nightmare Musky Flies

Tony Sandrone

I’ve been following Tony and NightMare Musky Flies (on Instagram mainly), for quite awhile now, and I’ve been very impressed with the quality of flies Tony is tying and putting out there. He has several types of modern musky flies that look killer and are catching big fish! Flies like Kraken, Beast Changer, Darkhorse, Dingle Barry, and Zero Gravity.  Below Tony tells us a little more about himself and how NightMare Musky Flies got started. You can follow NightMare Musky Flies on Facebook: or on Instagram @nightmaremuskyflies


From Tony Sandrone:
“I have been an avid fisherman since I was a child. I grew up in Southern Wisconsin, moved to central Wisconsin in 1998 and was introduced to fly fishing by a buddy in 2007. It was all over from there! I started fishing for panfish, but quickly progressed into targeting larger fish with a fly rod. After moving to Eagle River in 2010, I found myself working at local fishing shops and guiding. Once I realized I could not purchase a predator fly locally to fit my needs, my mission began. Which led to the start of Nightmare Musky Flies.

Being immersed in the world of conventional fishing gear has played a pivotal role in my fly tying style. Conventional lures such as the Bulldog, Mag 10 Bucktails, and the Bucher Shallow Raider all play a role in my design process. My flies are heavily influenced by tyers such as Blane Chocklett, Niklaus Bauer, and Brian Wise to name a few. My main focus is on large articulated flies. There’s nothing quite like seeing a fly the size of a muppet getting inhaled boatside by a crocodile!

Being fortunate enough to work with great companies such as; Flymen Fishing Co, Superfly, Partridge Hooks, Hareline, and Wiggle Tails, allows me to produce the quality flies that I do. With the advancement of fly tying materials and the caliber of tyers today, I’m excited to see what the future holds.”

Eric Grajewski caught this beast on a Peanut Butter Kraken


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Junk in Da Trunk – Norbert Renaud

Norbert at his best, cranking out a big pike fly! I think Norbert always has a lot of ingenuity in his flies. Pay attention to some of his work on this one and enjoy!

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Flies Around the Net – December 2016

Here are the final Flies Around the Net for 2016. It has been a year of good vibes and good times for FrankenFly. I want to thank all of you for coming and visiting the website. I’m glad all of you are finding it interesting enough to come back to the site to get even more into fly fishing! I love this sport and I’m glad all of you do too! Here’s to an even better 2017!

Thank you!


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Flies Around the Net – November 2016


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Critter Get’er Tutorial – Gunnar Brammer

Gunnar gives step by step instructions on how to tie his Critter Get’er Flashabou fly. Gunnar says the design is heavily inspired by Niklaus Bauer and Daniel Holm, and is an extremely fishy and durable fly.

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The Imposter – Gunnar Brammer

Gunnar gives a detailed step by step explanation on how to tie his Impostor pike fly.
Gunnar had this to say about his new streamer. “This fly is a synthetic based flashabou/stacked fiber fly hybrid, designed to cut water and behave like a jerk bait. It comes in at 8.5″, is tied on an Ahrex 4/0 Light Predator Stinger (barbless), and is a perfect size fly for Pike, Smallmouth, and Big Trout!”

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