Stetzer’s Fluttering Termite

Stetzer’s Fluttering Termite was originally designed by former Deschutes River guide Randy Stetzer. The intention was to mimic the erratic behavior of large carpenter ants that hatch during the fall season every year. They hatch in large numbers and fall clumsily into rivers, often struggling and fluttering as they attempt to fly away. This pattern is used for steelhead.

This particular one is the best looking Stetzer’s I have seen and it’s tied by John P. Newbury. You can follow John on his website.


Hook: Partridge single wilson light wire
Thread: Black
Tail: Natural red fox squirrel tail
Body: Orange angora dubbing twisted tightly in a dubbing loop. Dark dun hackle palmered over body.
Hackle: Dark run rooster saddle thick and full – choose a very stiff hackle.
Wing/Wingcase: Stiff moose body hair tied forward and divided,

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