The flies of Norbert Renaud


I was born in France and grew up in Ireland, then went back to France for my studies and finally came back to Ireland some 25 years ago.

I have always been a fisherman, since the age of three, making paste with laughing cow cheese to chase mullets in harbors…

But pike fishing quickly became an obsession. I have fished all methods under the sun, from spinning, deadbaiting, wobbling, float, trolling, lures…and so on.

I quickly got bored of these methods, always looking for a new challenge, I constantly needed something “fresh” and kinder on the fish.

All this directed me to what we call the dark side…fly fishing for pike.

I never bought a commercially tied fly for pike…I bought my first vice before my first fly rod…fly tying came naturally. Nothing like catching a trophy fish on a fly that you tied yourself.

What I love about this is that there is always something new around the corner, from the tying to the fishing. We can now fly fish for pike here in Ireland successfully 12 months of the year, and this is a full time job.

NOTE: Norbert uses mainly Funky Fibres and Funky Hair for his baitfish type patterns.

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2 Responses to The flies of Norbert Renaud

  1. I saw your testing of the majic worm tail. Fantastic but can you tell me what the material is and where you can buy it. Thanks and I really like your flies… I do sort of copy some of them! Ian

  2. Hey Ian, the magic worm are great in the water and they catch fish, but they dont last long at all, there is so many brands, some of them only last a few casts and fell appart…I am looking into other tails, and we hope to release a model especially designed or fishing.If this project come to life, i will notify you all 😉