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Bonefish Merkin Crab Fly – Hans Stephenson

I thought this was a neat little pattern. Check it out!

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Light Cahill Wet – tied by Eric Austin


Hook: Standard wet fly hook, #10,#12 or #14
Thread: Uni 8/0 “Cahill”
Tail: Light ginger hackle or coq de leon
Body: Cahill dubbing or dubbing made from light fox belly fur
Hackle: Light ginger
Wings: Wood duck flank

I’ve had good luck with this one on Ohio’s Mad River in the early summer. When dead drifted past rising fish the strikes can be awe inspiring. This fly is very popular on Pennsylvania spring creeks as well. Check out Eric’s website here.

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Rabbit Strip Tube Fly – Tony Torrence

Tony ties a rabbit strip tube fly for steelhead. He always does a good job of explaining things and is an excellent fly tier.

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Isonychia Nymph – Tightline Productions


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Flies Around the Net – 1-27-14

Deer hair saltwater diving squid - Pat Cohen

Deer hair saltwater diving squid by Pat Cohen.

Caddis Emerger - Sasa Stosic

Caddis Emerger by Sasa Stosic

Smallmouth Snack - Dave Hosler

A smallmouth snack by Dave Hosler.

MayFly - Bram van Houten

MayFly by Bram van Houten

Dirty Fonzy - Mike Schmidt

Dirty Fonzy by Mike Schmidt

Hatching Caddis - Markus Hoffman

Hatching Caddis by Markus Hoffman

FlossDiver - Tim Barker

Floss Diver by Tim Barker



This one is by me, Paul J. Beel. I will be sending several of these to Michigan fly fishing guide of True North Trout, Brian “Koz” Kozminski and he will be testing it out as soon as the season starts. No name yet.

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Intruder style streamer from LeGrille FlyFishing

A group of fly fishermen from Sweden called LeGrille FlyFishing did this video on an intruder style pattern.

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Wonder Wings

So ever since I saw Wonder Wing style flies for the first time I’ve wanted to try to tie them. I never felt comfortable until now. So I sat behind my Regal last night and was ready to go. By following the information on this page of FlyAnglersOnline and this page on MidCurrent, I was able to grasp the concept. Below I have posted my little Wonder Girl tied last night. The hardest part of this technique is holding the fibers down as you wrap them on the hook. You just have to make sure you have a firm grip and don’t let any of the fibers come out. Once you get a couple of wraps on them, you can then pull them up slowly to manipulate the length of the wings. I love the style, they make beautiful wings. -Paul

Wonder Girl

Wonder Girl

Hook: size 12 dry fly
Tail: moose mane
Body: Spirit River UV2 Fine & Dry – March Brown
Hackle: Dun
Wings: brown rooster – Wonder Wing style
Thread: Danville 6/0 black

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Psycho Nymph – Erik Moncada


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Drunk & Disorderly Streamer (D&D Shad Rap) by Tommy Lynch

This was just released by Schultz Outfitters!

The ORIGINAL Bar Flies – Tommy Lynch, Drunk & Disorderly (D&D) StreamerCalling all streamer freaks! Tommy Lynch’s Drunk & Disorderly has taken huge Brown Trout and fly tiers by storm. The D&D’s unique “Chuck, Jive, and Roll” means it’s in constant motion and it’s lack of weight puts the fisherman in control. End result? A fly that’s irresistible to bruiser Browns. Learn to tie the Drunk and Disorderly from the master himself, Tommy Lynch, aka The Fish Whisperer.

In this video Tommy covers the “shad rap” version of the Drunk & Disorderly, however the fundamental design principals and materials are the same for the D&D (double) and Triple-D. Material list for the Shad Rap included in the video. If you’d like instructions for the double or triple, just ask the shop.

Looking for hard to find materials to tie Tommy’s D&D? Give Schultz Outfitters a call (734-544-1761). If you’re ever in the Ypsilanti, MI area be sure to stop by and check out our original Bar Flies tying event. Always the first. Still the best. If you can’t make it, be on the lookout for more tying videos shortly.


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Rubber Band Caddis Larvae – Hardway Outdoors

This young man does a great job of showing a simple, but nice looking, caddis larvae. Check out Hardway Outdoors on YouTube.

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