Around the Net – 7-8-2013

Well there have been a ton of cool flies I’ve encountered lately. There are so many talented fly tyers out there and I’m happy that I get a chance to meet and talk with them. That is actually my favorite part of running FrakenFly. Here is just a small taste of some that I liked in my visits from Around the Net!


This is a beautiful Red Mackerel night time striper fly by Bob Veverka. Bob has a really cool Facebook page called “Fishing The Beach” where he highlights saltwater fly fishing.


Rob Meade is an Australian fly tyer that designs some very unique flies. This is one he calls Meade’s Shuffler. This fly is known to wobble, catch air bubbles, and has a rattle. If you want to see more of Rob’s creations, Rainy’s sells several patterns created by Rob.


Mike Schmidt of Angler’s Choice Flies has went to work on a new Carp pattern that mimics a crayfish. Nice work!


Here’s an awesome Intruder by Mark Defrank. Mark ties these in many colors. You can check out his website at

Look for more coming from Mark here at FrankenFly. He ties a lot of great stuff!


Big ol’ musky fly tied by Ian Bohon!


This is Don Bastian’s Floating Mayfly (Sulphur) Emerger. Don has a great write-up on this pattern. He lists the recipe and tells of his fishing experience with it.


Terje Refsahl tied this beautiful Spent Biots Spinner.


This chartreuse streamer is mine. I had a rainy/lazy day when I played around designing this fly and it seems to be a hit. I will be testing this little sucker very soon. Here is the material list for it:
Tiemco 8089 size 1 hook
Marabou – white
Spirit River Icelandic Sheep – chartreuse
Yarn – red
Hareline saddle hackle – chartreuse
Spirit River bucktail – chartreuse
Senyo Laser Dub – tan
Clear Cure Goo dumbbell eyes – smoke

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