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Walt’s Worm and the Sexy Walt’s

This is Tightline Productions’s newest fly tying video. Enjoy!

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The Ferby Slider – Tyler Befus

Tyler says this is one of his most productive bass flies. He started fishing this fly a little over two years ago and have had killer results.


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b smo’s lil’ brookie

Here is another cool pattern from Brian Smolinski of Lunds Fly Shop.

brookThis 3” brook trout inspired streamer is based off of Dave Pinczkowski’s “Bad Hair Day”. I haven’t fished a whole lot of larger flies for trout yet, but this one definitely makes me want to put in some time in learning how. The craft fur body is super light and moves like crazy in the water. The long tube allows you to rig this fly with a hook secured at the back by pulling the eye of the hook up into the tube which should take care of those pesky short strikes without the use of a super long shanked hook or the need to add a stinger hook. I plan on fishing this with a floating line, a Fast Sink Airflo Polyleader, and some fluorocarbon tippet.

Base: 1.8mm Heritage Angling Euro Tube – Clear
Tail: Olive Craft Fur
Body: Dark Olive Craft Fur mixed with Copper Wing N’ Flash
Collar: a mixture of Burnt Orange Craft Fur and Bright Orange Craft Fur
Head: a mixture of Dark Olive Craft Fur and White Craft Fur


1 –This tube fly is tied on a clear 1.8mm tube about 1.4” long with the ends on the tube melted slightly with a flame. This flares the ends of the tube and helps prevent the thread from slipping off the end when finishing the fly. The entire fly is tied with 5 layers of craft fur, all cut to the same length as the tube.
2 – Cover the tube with thread wraps from the front of the tube back to the halfway point, and then wrap the thread forward 1-2 turns.
3 – Lay the first clump of craft fur (olive) on top of the tube with the butt end of the material just past the midpoint of the tube and the tips facing the rear of the fly. Loosely secure with two thread wraps and roll the material around tube until it is evenly distributed.
4 – Make few tight wraps around the tail clump and wrap thread forward covering the ends of the craft fur. There now should be approximately a half inch of thread covered tube left in front of the tail. The rest of the materials tied into this fly will be tied in reverse (butt ends of materials facing the back end of the fly with the tips going forward to the head of the fly).
5 – Tie down a few strands of Wing N’ Flash and at the same tie in point lay down the next layer of craft fur (dark olive). Roll craft fur around the tube, secure with a few tight wraps. Then push the clump of craft fur back and make several wraps in front, making sure to wrap tightly up against the craft fur without wrapping directly on top of the fur.
6 – Advance the thread to about 1/8” in front of where the previous clump was tied down and add another layer of flash and dark olive craft fur.
7 – The next layer is the brightly colored wing or collar. Advance the thread again and tied down a small amount of the bright orange fur. Then cover with a full clump of the burnt orange craft fur.
8 – The final layer of craft fur is similar to the previous one with a small amount of white layer down first, then a larger clump of the dark olive. When these two tone layers are “reversed”, the lighter brighter layer acts as a highlight for the darker fuller layer.

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The SpiderGrub

Matt Erny of Streamers Fly Fishing released another fine video. Matt came up with this pattern in the summer for 2006 and it has become a staple for smallmouth bass. Matt says,  “It is truly one of the best finesse flies ever! Fish it slow around cover on lakes and dead drift it on rivers. It also works great with a strip pause action.”

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FrankenFly t-shirts are coming!

FrankenFly_Logo-Col-Special-800Now ordering FrankenFly t-shirts! However, it would really help to get some idea of how many people want one. So those of you who are serious about ordering one, please comment on this post or send me an email. The next step would have people place an order and then I can order them. Right now, I’m just trying to get an idea to see if it is worth me doing this or not. I plan on two colors of shirts, black and red. Both will have the FrankenFly logo as you see in this post on the front of the shirt. The red shirt will have the logo in a black and white version. It will have on the back. I’m estimating the price will be either $18.99 or $19.99 depending on how many I order. Shipping will be $5.00. Please let me know if you’re interested. Thank you!


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The Gray Ghost – Fly Tying 101

I feel Bill Thompson does a good job of telling us about The Gray Ghost in this video and shows how to tie one. There are a lot of fly tying videos these days, but not many show how to tie classics like this. Even though this is a rather long video, I think it’s worth it, especially if you have ever been curious about Rangeley streamers like The Gray Ghost. For even more information, check out Don Bastian’s blog. He studies this style and ties them beautifully.

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Flies Around The Net – 4-24-2014

Arctic Lemming - Andreas Andersson - photo by David Stenström

Arctic Lemming – Andreas Andersson – photo by David Stenström

Flyclops - Norbert Renaud

Flyclops – Norbert Renaud

Mayfly Emerger - Joro Stoyan

Mayfly Emerger – Joro Stoyan


musky fly - Scott Stryker

musky fly – Scott Stryker

caddis pupa-Robert Wilson

caddis pupa-Robert Wilson

Cameo - Paul Rossman

Cameo – Paul Rossman

Tied by Bill Shuck

Tied by Bill Shuck

Roman Moser Balloon Caddis - Janne Iittiläinen

Roman Moser Balloon Caddis – Janne Iittiläinen

Misfit Holo Heads - Brian Smolinski

Misfit Holo Heads – Brian Smolinski








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Tellico Nymph

The Tellico Nymph is an old pattern originating in east Tennessee, but it is still used quite often. Hammer Creek shows how to tie one in this video.

To add another perspective, here is step-by-step of the Tellico Nymph by Charlie Craven

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Gold Digger

The Toad Fly in Conway, Arkansas recently produced their first fly tying video. Jordan Cases shows you how to tie his Gold Digger. Check it out!


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Stu Apte Tarpon Fly

Stu Apte - Tarpon fly

Ted Patlen submitted this original Stu Apte fly from his collections to The Flybrary. Ted is an amazing fly tyer in his own right and the winner of seven fly-tying world championships. It’s wonderful that he had this in his collection. If you haven’t visited The Flybrary, you should. The photography is beautiful, showing some gorgeous flies. All the photos were taken by Tim Geist.

Hook: Gamakatsu SC-15, size 3/0.
Thread: Bright orange Flat Waxed Nylon
Wing: One pair of wide, bright orange hackle feathers on the inside, with one pair of wide, bright yellow hackle feathers on the outside. Tie the feathers so they splay out.
Collar: One bright orange and one bright yellow hackle wrapped in front of the wing.
Head: Built up with tying thread, then coated with clear head cement or five-minute epoxy.

Tying note: This fly features splayed wings of three or four pairs of hackles tied at the hook bend to reduce fouling. It can be tied in a variety of colors.


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