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Super Simple Caddis – Sean Hansen

This fly tying video was in the latest edition of A Tight Loop magazine. Sean ties a simple caddis pupa pattern.

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Waste Troll Leech – Philip Rowley

This is one of Phil’s favorite leech patterns and he says it is an evolution of sorts of his Aftershaft Leech featured in his first book, Fly Patterns for Stillwaters. With the advent of Marc Petitjean’s Magic Tool he can now blend other materials together for his leech patterns. Phil mentions that the body technique for this fly also works well for dragon nymphs and thoraxes on caddis pupa patterns. Be prepared for takes on the drop with this pattern.

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Swingin D – Mike Schultz


The Swingin D has been making a lot of noise in the online fly fishing community lately. The word on the street is that it’s a killer smallmouth pattern. In case you have missed it, here is the rundown from Mike Schultz of Schultz Outfitters.

This fly has been doing some major damage for us this season. Time to release the BEAST!
I’ve been working on this for a while. It’s a hybrid pattern using parts and ideas from Tommy Lynch’s Triple D, my original foam headed Meat Whip and Mark Sedotti’s theory’s.

Rear Hook: Gamakatsu B-10S
Tail: Saddle Hackles w/ Flash
Flash: Flashabou of Choice
Rear Body: Senyo’s Predator Wrap Trimmed followed by Rabbit clipped off the hide and spun in dubbing loop
Overwing: Mallard Flank or Silver Pheasant
Front Hook: Gamakatsu Worm (Round Bend)
Connection: 40lb Rio Bite Wire w/ Three 6mm Plastic Beads
Connection Cover: Flashabou of choice
Front Body: Rabbit strip wrapped 2 – 2 1/2 times followed by Senyo’s Predator Wrap Trimmed and wrapped through Rattle (Palmering wraps, Don’t over dress)
Rattle: Large Glass 5mm
Collar: Marabou wrapped tip first (2- 2 1/2 wraps max)
Flash: Flashabou of choice
Wing: Grizzly Hackle, 1 on each side
Throat: Red Palmer Chenille or UV Polar Chenille wrapped to the eye of the hook, Tie off
Head: Rainy’s Foam Diver Head in Small or Medium (Use Gel Super Glue on the Throat before sliding the head over


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Tube Intruder – Jake Villwock

Brought to you by TCO Fly Shop out of Pennsylvania, Jake Villwock shows us how to tie a tube intruder. Jake says, “This is a great fly that I tied up for early season Browns and Coho. I have had great success with this color combination for Steelhead in the early winter months.”

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Clacka Caddis – Walter Wiese

A highly effective caddis-style attractor dry fly for Parks’ Fly Shop guides and clients in 2009.


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Largemouth bass caught on a Bearded Biscuit

I went out fishing yesterday with my son and I wanted to prove that my Bearded Biscuit articulated streamer could catch largemouth bass. It didn’t take long for the one in the photo below to gulp it. I was using Scientific Anglers Streamer Express fly line and it casts streamers very nicely. If you are casting big streamers, you need fly line like this, because it makes a huge difference. My retrieve was a combination of a swift pull of the rod and then a few quick strips and he grabbed it. As you can see, he almost swallowed the entire fly. A Bearded Biscuit is just a little over 6 inches long and has two Partridge of Redditch Universal Predator size 1/0 hooks.  It has been a great start to the season.


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HMG Super Midge


This is the HMG Super Midge by Joe Nicklo. Joe’s secret revealed…how to tie a “no-thread” fly using hot melt glue as the main component. This is one of the videos in the DVD included in the HMG Fly Systems kit which has innovative step-by-step instructions for tying 10 HMG patterns using hot melt glue. See 40 + hot melt glue patterns at

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HMG Mayfly – Joe Nicklo


Wind blowing constantly at 20 mph, gusting to 30…keeps me pinned to my vise again this weekend. Oh well, it forces me to be creative! I have made several attempts at an acceptable mayfly (ephemeroptera) imitation with an extended body. Finally, after trashing several that look more like godzilla, I have one that appears to have somewhat of a close resemblance to a natural mayfly. Keep in mind that this is a work-in-progress. I am open to any and all suggestion for improvement. Surprise! Surprise! The HMG Mayfly extended body, the thorax and the head are all hot melt glue. The tail is wood duck, the wing is cdc and the eyes are fabric paint. It is tied on a size 18 hook. The extended body is Uni wire coated with hot melt glue. When I put the HMG Mayfly in water to check its hook orientation, I expected to see the body submerged and held in the surface by the cdc wing. I was surprised and excited when I noticed the body and tail floating on top of the water. It appears the hot melt glue had become buoyant when heated and applied to the fly. I am certain the addition of the wood duck tail has helped with the buoyancy.  Now, the question, “how buoyant and for how long”. That will be a test for another time.

BTW, my HMG Fly Systems Facebook page could use your support getting to 850. LIKE and share it at

Tight lines!

Joe Nicklo
HMG Fly Systems
11110 Vanderford Dr.
Houston, TX  77099-4662

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Pearl Caddis Pupa

On this episode of Fly Friday provided by the Pearl Caddis Pupa

Orvis endorsed guide Jan Nemec has 18 years experience on local NV/CA waters. Book a trip by calling 775-770-8227 or email:

Fly Fridays are a chance for you to learn the secrets behind the area’s best and tested patterns, including some of Jan Nemec’s patterns that are sold nationally in the Orvis catalog.

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Another big brown caught on Bearded Biscuit!

I’m happy to report that another big brown trout was caught on my (Paul J. Beel) Bearded Biscuit articulated streamer. Donn Vidosh used it to catch this 23 inch brown trout! Simply awesome! If you missed the last one caught on the Bearded Biscuit by Donn, check it out here.


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