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Clouser Minnow

Tightline Productions shows how to tie the Clouser Minnow. This is a good pattern to tie, especially if you are a beginner.


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Mercer’s Missing Link – video

In February of last year, the originator of this pattern, Mike Mercer, sent me a very cool write-up on how he came up with Mercer’s Missing Link. If you missed it or forgot about it, be sure to go back and read all about it.

The Caddis Fly Angling Shop just released this video the other day of Tony Torrence showing how to tie this pattern. Tony knows his stuff, so enjoy!

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Eggie Special – the real pattern

Eggie Bugby

Eggie Bugby

Back in April I posted here on FrankenFly information I had found on the Eggie Special. The old Grayling, Michigan pattern information was taken from a fly tied by Bob Smock. I assumed Bob had tied the Eggie Special to the original recipe, but now I know that it was a little different. A few weeks ago, I had the very pleasant surprise of receiving a comment from Eggie Bugby’s grandson, Dale. He explained that his father, Robert, now 88 years old, had the correct material information about the Eggie Special pattern. I was thrilled! So I called Eggie’s son, Robert, soon after, to talk with him about his father, Eggie and the legendary Eggie Special fly pattern.

Robert explained that Bob Smock didn’t have the correct wing material because that is the closest type of hackle tips he had at the time to the original. The actual wing material used was a dark barred ginger variant. It looks like brown grizzly in color. There was something else that was different, but I didn’t know it at the time.

I asked Robert if he had any flies tied by his dad or if he had any that he tied that showed the fly in detail. He did, but sadly, they were eaten away by moths. I talked with Robert more about Eggie and other patterns he tied like the “Badger” and “Grasshopper.” Eggie used to sell his flies for 15 to 35 cents at the novelty store and from his home. He had a shop beside his house. He would fish the Au Sable River two to three times a week. Robert grew up fishing with his dad and learning to tie the patterns that caught tons of fish.

A few days later, I spoke with Dale again through email. He informed me they were sending me a package that included a photo of Eggie and not only that, but an actual fly they found that was tied by Eggie himself and it was intact! Yes, INTACT! I couldn’t believe it! I was like that kid on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory when he found that golden ticket!

Below is the fly that Eggie tied. An actual Eggie Special. The photo was taken by me of the fly I received in the mail from the Bugby’s. The other difference I mentioned earlier, was that it had grizzly and brown hackle in the front around the wings and not just brown. I didn’t realize this until I studied the fly myself. So finally, after so many years, we finally know what the actual pattern is for the Eggie Special. I list the materials below the photo. I want to thank the Bugby family for being so generous and helpful.

I want to dedicate this post to my friend Tom Deschaine, who passed away May 31st, 2014. Tom ran the website and would have been as excited as I am about this classic Michigan dry fly.

Eggie Special

Eggie Special

Eggie Special material list:

Hook: Mustad #94840 Size: 10-12
Thread: Black, 6/0
Tail: Turkey Tail fibers, 3 to 4
Body: Pale Yellow Wool
Wing: Dark Barred Ginger hackle tips, upright and divided
Hackle: Rhode Island Red (Brown) Hackle, palmered the full length of the body. Brown and Grizzly hackle wrapped around wings near head of the fly.


-Paul J. Beel


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Balloon Caddis – Douglas Cameron Hall

This is a really great fly and nice to tie. I like to fish it on lochs, popping it on the surface and waiting for the enevitable smashing take from a eager trout, I don’t fish it that often on rivers, I find other caddis patterns far more productive.

Material List:
Hook: Dry Fly #10 – #14
Hotspot: Green SLF #10
Body: Amber SLF #24
Wing: Deer Hair
Balloon: Yellow Craft Foam

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Herman deGala’s Articulated Perch Minnow

Material list:
Hook: #08 Tiemco 2499SP-BL
Shank: Flymen Fishing Articulated Wiggle Shank
Thread: White UNI 8/0
Tail: Yellow Senyo Laser Dub Dubbing
Tail2: Orange Ice Dub
Gills: Red Ostrich Herl
Body: Yellow Senyo Laser Dub Dubbing
Body2: Orange Ice Dub
Body3: Olive Senyo Laser Dub Dubbing
Gill Plates: Pearlescent Sheeting
Head: 4-5MM Fish Mask
Eyes: Fire 4-5MM Living Eyes

Also used in this video:
Petitjean Magnum Magic Clip Set
Zap A Gap Brush On


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Articulated – Magnus Nygren

articulated 017

Deer hair flies are addictive, both to tie and to fish. Usually I tie my deer hair flies on a hook after first selecting the right hook for the job. But sometimes there are no hooks that are optimal for the fly and the fish it is supposed to catch. At those occasions a hook and a shank combination may be a better alternative. One of those times is when tying a large mouse, vole or a lemming fly for trout. By using a hook and a shank combination I can make a bigger mouse without using a long shanked streamer hook where the long shank could be used as a lever and the result could be a lost fish, or a large pike hook where the wide hook gap could mean missed takes when fishing for trout. Another time when a hook and a shank combination is a good alternative is when you want to add some extra movement to a fly like a deceiver or similar.

articulated 014

Material list:

Shank: 2.5cm
Hook: Mustad C52S size1
Thread: Veevus gsp 200d
Tail: Rabbit zonkerstrip
Body & head: Deerbelly hair
Ears: Thin foam
Eyes: 6mm
other stuff: Varnish, zap gel, superglue and uv resin.

articulated flies 030

Baitfish muddler

Shank: 3,5cm (cut of the back loop from the tail with a plier when the tail is finished)
Hook: Tiemco 600sp size 2/0
Thread: White Veevus gsp 200d
Tail: White frantic tail
Body: White rabbit zonker
Sideline: Silver lateral scale
Head: White deer belly hair
Eyes: 6mm living eyes “earth”
Other stuff: Varnish, zap gel and thick wire and superglue to attach the shank to the hook.

articulated 002
articulated 003
articulated flies 016

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Steelhead Zonker Tube fly

This is a very cool steelhead fly tied by Smhaen Fly Fishing. Materials are listed below.

Tube: clear
Thread: Black size 8/0
Tag: purple, red and blue dubbing mixed.
Hackle in back: Opposum hair dyed purple with Black tips.
Hackle: Guinea fowl dyed purple.
Body: Flat braided tinsel Purple.
Body front: purple, red and blue dubbing mixed.
Wing: Opposum zonker strip cuttet triangle. dyed purple with Black tips.
Flash: purple and blue flashabou placed ont top of wing.
Collar hackle: Black schlappen feather
Front Hackle: Guinea fowl dyed purple.
Head: conehead after your choice.

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Flamingo Wing – Eunan Hendron

Tied in hand using a flamingo feathers for the wing. Very cool!
Tail – white goose shoulder
Butts – red chenille
Body – three equal sections of silver tinsel
Wing – Spoonbill, or in this case, Flamingo feathers
Hackle – Red (schlappen used here)

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Brahma Bugger

Tightline Productions with another good one!

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Brown Town Streamer – Alexander Helmicki

Alexander shows step-by-step how to tie up an efficient, good looking articulated streamer. Enjoy and tie some up!


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