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Joe Calcvecchia’s Joppa Flats Special

Joe said he loves this fly and he uses it everywhere. Joe is definitely a great tyer, so enjoy!

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Patriot Dry Fly – tying video

InTheRiffle does another great job explaining how to tie a specific pattern and this time it’s Charles Meck’s Patriot. I know many who still use this pattern. So pay attention and tie some for your box!

The recipe I’m posting is from Charles Meck. (InTheRiffle shows how to tie it correctly, I wanted to list the original materials.


Hook: size 12 to 18, Mustad 94833
Thread: Bright orange red fluorescent 6/0
Tail: Brown hackle fibers
Body: Five strands of smolt blue Krystal Flash with a midrib of the tying thread in the middle of the shank Wings: White calf hair, divided
Hackle: Brown

NOTE: It is important to note the Patriot should be tied with Smolt Blue Krystal Flash. Smolt Blue is a light,
almost translucent blue that possesses a reflective iridescence, almost
purplish when wound over the red thread.

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Schultz S4 Sculpin

A Mike Schultz original and super effective on smallmouth. A great early season/ high water fly!



Thread: GSP 100 Olive
Front Hook: Daiichi 2546 Salt Size 1 or 2
Rear Hook: Daiichi 2546 Salt Size 4
Eyes: Pseudo eyes or Tungsten Predator Eyes medium or large, tied on underside of hook
Under Tail Flash: Speckled Flashabou gold, copper or mixed
Tail: Barred or variant rabbit strip “strapped” in

Connection: 30lb Backing
Belly: White Finn Raccoon or Arctic Fox
Body: Rabbit strip wrapped
Collar 1: Grizzly Schlappen, wrapped
Collar 2: Mallard Flank or Lady Amherst
Pec Fins: Grizzly Marabou tied 1 – 2 on each side
Legs: 2-4 Wapsi Silli Legs
Head: Magnum rabbit cut off hide and spun in a dubbing loop
Flash: 2 strands red Holographic Flashabou & 2-3 strands gold or copper Flashabou
Wing(s): Grizzly hackle feathers tied Intruder style

Favorite Colors
: Black/ tan/ peach/ olive

Tying Tips
Slip a tungsten bead behind the dumbbell eyes for added weight.

4 East Cross Street Ypsilanti, MI 48198 (734)-544-1761

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Blane Chocklett tying his T-Bone Musky Fly

A three part video of Blane Chocklett tying his famous T-Bone Musky Fly at Mountain Sports Ltd’s 2013 Tying Night. Tie along with Blane as he breaks down his step by step approach to tying this Musky Fly.

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Element – carrying fly fishing styles


The Element Skateboard company is more than just skateboards. If you read Element’s story you will notice they have a common ground with fly fishermen, it’s about defending wildlife and nature. Their tree logo represents their sole motif that is to safeguard the environment.

Besides skateboards, Element is big into outdoor clothing. Recently Element has begun to make clothing available with fly fishing related imagery. In my opinion, this is very cool because I know Element designs and sells quality stuff! Check out a few of the items below. My favorite is the bear fly fishing in the background. Love it! Hopefully this is only the beginning and they will continue to produce more fly fishing related clothing and accessories. It is terrific to see a cool company like Element include fly fishing in their products.







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Cinnamon Parachute Ant

This is a nicely tied pattern by Arrick’s Fly Shop out of West Yellowstone, Montana.

Ants are hard to see, so tying them as a parachute pattern makes them easy to see. I tie this pattern in black, cinnamon/black, and cinnamon. The cinnamon color is especially effective when the honey colored flying ants are landing on the water. We see these starting in mid August. The cutthroats in the northeast corner of Yellowstone park like this fly.


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Bivisible – Tightline Productions

Tightline Productions recent fly tying video is on the classic Bivisible. If you are interested, there is a darn good thread over on Sparse Grey Matter discussing the Bivisible and it’s history.


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Flies Around the Net – 3-21-2014

Tied by Garren Wood

Tied by Garren Wood

Tied by Norbert Renaud

Tied by Norbert Renaud

Tied by Holger Lachmann

Tied by Holger Lachmann

Agony Caddis - Tied by Johan Nygren

Agony Caddis – Tied by Johan Nygren

Tied by Håkan Karsnäser

Tied by Håkan Karsnäser

Tied by Matt Grajewski

Tied by Matt Grajewski

Peccary dun - Tied by Peter Olsson

Peccary dun – Tied by Peter Olsson

Tied by Sasa Stosic

Tied by Sasa Stosic

Fire Lizard - Tied by Steven Osborne

Fire Lizard – Tied by Steven Osborne

Chris Helm fly tying class - photo by Todd Schotts

Chris Helm fly tying class – photo by Todd Schotts










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Two big events happening this weekend


There are two big fly tying events I wanted to bring to your attention. First, the 17th Annual Sowbug Roundup starts tomorrow and runs through Sunday in Mountain Home, Arkansas. I’ve never been to this show, but it is a very popular show that has been around a long time. The show is put on by the North Arkansas Fly Fishers. Check out their website for all the details.

dette_logoThe other event is this Saturday, March 22nd in East Syracuse, New York. This is the Tie One On Fly-Tying Rendezvous put on by Iroquois Chapter TU and Dette Trout Flies. This year it is bringing in some big names in streamer fly tying. So if you like throwing big streamers, this would be a great event to attend. Here are more of the details of this show.

The unofficial theme at Tie One On this year ended up being streamers. We have been able to bring in four of the biggest name in streamer fishing / tying! Kelly Galloup, Michael Schmidt, Pat Cohen & Richard Strolis will be around all day demonstrating their patterns and talking techniques!

Dette Trout Flies will be on site, with the new streamer outfits from Vision Fly Fishing USA. We will also have a load of Partridge of Redditch‘s newest offerings in streamer / predator hooks, with Steve Silverio on hand talking hooks! Plus, the new thread by SuperFly will also be available!

At the end of the day 2:30 – 4:30, Kelly Galloup will doing his presentation on Streamers! This presentation takes you thru the predatory principles that make big fish strike from a reactionary strike apposed to just a food based feed. We will cover where when and how to make the biggest carnivore in the river respond. As well as the retrieves styles, equipment and flies to ensure you will become a better streamer angler on any river for any fish. This program is for the angler who wants to target the biggest fish is the river.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg, there are 30+ other tiers, 3 other presentations and numerous exhibitors!


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Tandem Fly – Bill Thompson

Bill is from North Country Angler in New Hampshire. This video is a good one for beginners especially. Bill walks you through how to tie a tandem fly that mimics a Winnipesaukee smelt and used primarily to catch landlocked salmon. There are some good tips in here.

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