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deGala’s Gilled Nymph


Hook: #12-18 Tiemco 2302
Bead: 5/64″ – 3/32″ Gold Tungsten Bead
Thread: UNI 17/0 >> or Olive UTC 70
Tail: Tan and Olive Ostrich Herl
Body: Tan and Olive Ostrich Herl
Rib: Gold X-Small Wire
Casing: Buggy Olive Medallion Sheeting
Legs1: Olive CDC
Legs2: UV Light Olive Ice Dub
Glue: your favorite UV resin

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Pumpkinseed of Doom

In between tying orders, I’ve been doing some creek fishing recently. A few days ago I spotted a nice sized gar that I’ve been itching to catch. He took a bite of my fly the other day, which was a Grandpa’s Chickenhawk, but I couldn’t get him hooked. If you have ever tried to catch gar, you know the feeling. They are hard to hook because of their long narrow mouth with teeth.

In this same water there are Pumpkinseed Sunfish and I have a feeling the gar love them. There are flies made specifically for gar from nylon rope because it will get entangled in their mouth and you can pull them in that way. I didn’t want to do that, so I created this little Pumpkinseed of Doom to try out. It includes John Rohmer’s Arizona Simi Seal and a bit of Senyo’s Laser Dub. I tip my hat to the guys at FlyFishFood for turning me on to Simi Seal, it’s great stuff. I gave the fly a trailing Intruder hook for good measure. This is not a big streamer, it is a small one. Perfect for small creek fishing.



So I went out to the creek yesterday to do some fishing. I was not able to get a good look at a gar like before, but it was fine by me, because I was rewarded anyway. A nice Smallmouth Bass grabbed a hold of the Pumpkinseed of Doom and gave me a good fight. He made a few runs back and forth and made two jumps trying to shake it off, but couldn’t. To my delight, I was able to bring him in. Man I love Smallies, they are so tough!

I have not given up on the gar. I will continue to hunt for one. I’ll definitely be tying up some more Pumpkinseed’s of Doom to take with me, no matter what I’m fishing for.




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GEOBASS: Nicaragua

The guys at MOTIV Fishing have released a new video. I watched it last night and loved it! In about a 15 minute video they fit a lot of cool stuff in here. Check it out.

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GEOBASS is a new epic adventure series following four expedition anglers on an around the world ultimate bass slam journey.
Deep in the jungle the boys hunt for the elusive Rainbow Bass in Episode 4 Nicaragua. They’ll have to hack their way through thick jungle, be on the lookout for crocs, and dine on iguana, all in search of a hidden lagoon.

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Fishy Photos

After seeing all of the beautiful photos taken by various anglers day by day, I wanted to start a new series of posts here on FrankenFly where I could highlight some of these photos. Sometimes a photo is the next best thing to actually being there or you might be stuck at work but able to quickly see a photo that will propel you into a dream, instead of thinking about the humdrum work you are literally chained to.

I’ll kick this off by displaying a view that have caught my eye recently. Please feel free to send me photos or to send me a link to a photo you think is worth showing others. Contact information can be found on the About FrankenFly page. Enjoy!

photo by Francisco López González

photo by Francisco López González

photo from Chris Clemes Rodmakers

photo from Chris Clemes Rodmakers

Chris Clemes Fly Rod and Reel Makers

photo by Grizzly Hackle Fly Shop

photo by Grizzly Hackle Fly Shop

Grizzly Hackle Fly Shop

photo by Dave Hosler

photo by Dave Hosler

Dave Hosler of Pile Cast

photo by John Montana

photo by John Montana

John Montana of Carp on the Fly

photo by Gates Au Sable Lodge

photo by Gates Au Sable Lodge

Gates Au Sable Lodge

photo by Joe Nicklo

Paying It Forward

The photo is by Joe Nicklo of HMG Fly Systems

photo by John Collins

photo by John Collins

This is a male Light Cahill.


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Barr’s Graphic Caddis

Hammer Creek Fly Fishing tackles John Barr’s Graphic Caddis. John created this pattern to imitate an emerging caddis pupae.


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Treppa’s F.O.T.F (Fly of the Flats) – Ben Treppa



Hook: Daiichi 2220 Streamer Hook (4X long) size 6
Thread: UTC 70 Denier Black
Tail: Finn Raccoon Tan
Tail Flash: Cooper Krystal Flash
Legs: Barred Crazy Legs Orange/Gold Flake
Eyes: “Mono” Eyes (purchase or make with hard mono & 6/0 glass czech bead)
Body Hackle: Orange Grizzly
Dubbing: Cohen’s Carp Dub-Rusty Nail
Wing: Finn Raccoon Tan
Head: Sculpin Helmet Mini- Brown



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Parachute Adams Dry Fly

Hans Stephenson shows us how tie a Parachute Adams dry fly. Note from Hans: This pattern is indispensable – tie it in sizes 12-22 and you can match just about any hatch.

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T-shirts added to online store


I have added FrankenFly t-shirts to the online store. When I made my recent order of shirts, I ordered some extras and then I sold some that I was not expecting, so there are limited sizes left. Black and red shirts are available. Just click the drop down to select the sizes under each shirt. Visit the FrankenFly Online Store to see if you can snatch one up before they are all gone!

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Dust Bunny

Gates Au Sable Lodge had the recipe for this ugly little fly. Josh Greenberg mentions this particular pattern in his new book, Rivers of Sand. This book is a fantastic fly fishing read! I recommend you pick one up especially if you are into fly fishing for trout. Josh gives a brief explanation of the fly below. There is a step-by-step provided at the Gates Au Sable Lodge website.


Perhaps the ugliest fly that we sell at the lodge. While simple, it’s not as easy to tie well as it seems. This fly works so well in June it seems like you should buy it next to the salmon eggs and Berkeley Powerbait in your local bait shop. Put a shot of gel on it and go fishing. After you catch a fish, or the fly gets drowned, use the powder floatant to reinvigorate it. Fish alone or in tandem. To rising fish, or as a searching pattern. Definitely the most effective Iso emerger I’ve ever fished.

Hook: #12 Daiichi 1180
Thread: Gray or Olive Monocord
Tail: Dun Rabbit Foot
Body: SLF and beaver dubbing (Brown Olive SLF, Gray SLF, Light Gray Beaver)…use a coffee grinder
Wing: Dun Rabbit Foot


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XL Pike Popper – Johan Lindqvist

Johan shows us how to tie an extra large popper for pike.

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