Black and Bleedin’ – Shawn Britton



Shawn has been tearing up the vise lately and sent me this great looking fly! Black and Bleedin’ is an intruder style fly and Shawn says it has a very slight flatwing style to it. He says, “Fun fly for casting over big trout in the heads of pools and stripping it in for Old Glory!

Fly Submitted by Shawn F. Britton of Flies by Britton

Fly Name – Black & Bleedin’

Style -Intruder

Hook/Intruder Shank: Hook is Cut after Fly is tied…  Mustad 3366
Trailer/Stinger: Gamakatsu Octopus Red #6
Trailer Wire: 30lb Fireline Braid
Thread: Black Monocord
Wings/Feathers: Six to Eight Long Black Saddle Feathers…
Then for Body Side feathers: Black Hen Cape and a Few short Red Saddle Feathers
Built Up Underbody: Black EP Foxy Brush, brushed to the sides to
match the side Feathers
Overwing: Two small pieces of Bronze Mallard tied flat on topside.
Finish Collar: Black EP Foxy Brush & Two Jungle Cock Tied in at Head.



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