Brahma FMJ – Martin Westbeek


Martin Westbeek is a very skilled Dutch fly tyer. He sent over this classy wet fly called the Brahma FMJ. I’ll let Martin explain it from here.

It is said that you can’t fish a softhackle the wrong way. Well, I can. At least, I was fishing a softhackle in water I was sure held fish, but I could not get the fly down well enough. So I figured I needed a bit of weight while keeping it a softhackle, not turning the fly into a nymph. Enter: the Brahma FMJ – FMJ being ‘Full Metal Jacket’.
Hook: Daiichi 1510, #16
Body: Ultra Wire size small. Start 1 mm behing the eye, wrap wire to a point above the hook barb and return with 3 larger wraps, creating a rib.
Thorax: hare’s ear
Hackle: Whiting Brahma hen neck.



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2 Responses to Brahma FMJ – Martin Westbeek

  1. Pretty fly, I like the choice of colors and I think they would work anywhere.