Britton Intruder


Shawn F. Britton of Flies by Britton sent this bad mamma jamma to me with a nice note that I wanted to post.

“Hey Paul, Here is an intruder inspired streamer I tied up a week or so ago to toss in front of some Big Farmington River Browns this Spring. Or maybe this week !
Keep up the Great Site. We enjoy seeing all the Awesome Fly Patterns and write-ups from all the great fly tyers and fisherman that post here!”

Shawn included the recipe, here ya go!

Hooks: Straight Eye TMC 9395 Streamer #4… Stinger was a Gamakastu Octopus #6 or #8
Trailing hook tied off of Main hook with 30lb fire line
Underbody of charteuese chenille – hook shank
green and white 4″- 6″ saddle mixed and tied in to desired length
Enrico Puglisi fibers in chart/green wound maybe two wraps to give some body
Chartruese schlappy then Purple Schlappy
jungle cock cheeks topped with longer black saddle

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