Bullhead – Dave Lindsay (McFluffchucker)

Dave is a fly tyer from Scotland and his tying caught my eye a few years ago. His baitfish patterns are some of the best I’ve seen. He does a lot of pike fishing. You can read all about McFluffchucker’s adventures on his blog. Now I’ll let Dave tell you more about the Bullhead fly pattern.


Bullheads are an amazing fly. They work just like glidebaits, when stripped, deadly. The trick with tying these is all about getting the head shape and weight right. I used to make these exclusively with EP Fiber but now I make them with Deer Creek’s Gliss and Glint. Plus this is due to the fact I can get a far better body shape and the flash is built in, saving a fair amount of time making them. Here’s the recipe:

Hook- 6/0 wide gaped hook
Thread – phantom thread or clear mono
Body – gliss and glint plus perch (or colour your choice)
Varnish – a touch clear varnish
Glue – croc glue (the toughest glue on the plane)
Eyes – 8mm hard eyez

Go here for a full step-by-step of the Bullhead pattern.

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