Club Sandwich Hopper – The Riffle

This is a pretty cool pattern The Riffle covered lately.

The Club Sandwich is a beefy, high floating hopper pattern.  Constructed primarily of foam, the Club Sandwich not only floats like a cork, it is also one of the most life like hopper patterns ever created.  The Club Sandwich fishes best in the heat of summer, and works very well when fished right on the bank.  The Club Sandwich can be tied in any combination the fly tier chooses.  Just swap the foam colors to create a completely different style of the Club Sandwich!

Club Sandwich Hopper Fly Tying Recipe:
(Purchase the fly tying materials online by clicking the links)
Hook: #04-08 Tiemco 5262
Thread: Cream UTC 140
Cutter: Large Chernobyl Foam Cutter
Body: 2MM Foam
Foam Glue: Foam Safe Zap A Gap
Legs: Natural Cream or Brown Medium Round Rubber Legs
Glue: Brush On ZapaGap

Also Used In This Fly Tying Video:
Bobbin: Marc Petitjean Bobbin
Vise: Regal Revolution Rotary Vise
Scissors: DR Slick Hair Scissors
Whip Finisher: Umpqua Rotating Whip Finisher

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