HMG Green Butt Video – Joe Nicklo

Joe Nicklo sent me a video using his hot glue method.


Many of you skeptics have wondered and several have asked how is it possible to use hot melt glue as a fly tying component or in some cases a complete no-thread fly, being that it is so difficult to control and even more difficult to shape. Well, here is your opportunity to watch the innovative application of hot melt glue as a material/component used in tying a soft-hackle caddis, one of the all time famous soft-hackles flies known by many as the Green Butt. The HMG Green Ass is one of the ten patterns found on the instructional dvd included in the HMG Fly Systems kit seen at

While viewing the HMG Green Ass video, think outside the box, let you mind soar, visualize the many possible applications for hot melt glue in your fly tying … midges, scuds, sow bugs, streamer bodies, heads, eyes and terrestrials. See 40 + HMG patterns at

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  1. Jim in Houston

    Nice fly and good demo of the technique. I am going to make some.