Spent “Hengerompe” Spinner and The Midgeblingemerger

I’ve been keeping my eye on Terje and what he is tying and he has put together two sweet looking patterns as of late. Terje is a Norwegian fly tyer. You can admire them below!

Spent "Hengerompe" Spinner

Spent “Hengerompe” Spinner

Woven spent spinner on emerger hook:
Hook: Knapek P #14
Tail: Coq de leon
Body: Woven stretch tubing in two colours – Brown and Amber
Thorax: Polyamid dubbing
Wings: blue dun rooster hackle tied up as spent wings
Hood: Krystal flash for better visibility

midge bling

The Midgeblingemerger

The Midgeblingemerger:
Hook: Knapek P #16 or smaller
Body: Black micro stretch tubing
Wing: a cdc feather in suitable colour
Thorax: black polyamid dubbing or other suitable dubbing
Bling: two fibres of krystal flash pointing forwards and backwards

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