Still got the blues baitfish – Ulf Hagström

I ran into this pattern when Ulf Hagström posted it on Facebook for the Steelhead Alley Outfitters fly contest. I was immediately struck by the shape and look, because I thought it was a killer baitfish pattern. I messaged Ulf and he had posted a step-by-step a couple of years ago on his blog, The way of the /:Fly:/. I thought it was worth republishing it here on FrankenFly, so with Ulf’s permission, here it is.



I think that this is a darn nice pattern, it moves perfectly and it is pretty straight forward to tie, so I’ll share it with you!

It involves a realistic touch with the tail fin, a feature that of course is optional, which does give the fly a very nice vibrant movement when retrieved. My intention when I created it was to use it for our coastal run sea trouts here in the baltic sea, but I’s proably a good fry pattern to use for big browns or any salt water fish too.

Now you might ask why I use two feathers for the tail, I haven’t seen any fish with a double tail fin like that have you? Well the answer is simple. The curving shape of any feather will make the fly rotate like a propeller if you only use one, if you use two you will have them work against each other creating a nice vibrant movement.

Hook: Partridge YK12ST size 10
Tail: 0.30 mm mono with two varnished feathers
Body: Blue fox fur on top with white fox on the bottom over blue angel hair.
Head: Blue Small/Medium Fish Skull

NOTE: Click on any image to zoom in and view slides in better view.

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