White-Not – Rusty Gates


With my trip to the Au Sable River coming very soon, my mind is on Michigan born flies. I thought it would only be appropriate to show a Rusty Gates fly, especially since I will be stopping in at Gates Au Sable Lodge while I’m there. Here is what Josh Greenberg had to say about the White-Not. This fly was developed in the early 1990’s.

“Our #1 selling fly, and a perennial favorite of clients and guides alike. Once June 1 hits, tie on the White Knot. You may take it off sometime in August. But then you can put it right back on in September. This fly imitates the spinner form of the Isonychia mayflies. It’s attraction clearly goes beyond mere Isonychias, however. It’s a fish-catching fool that loves to be cast towards rising trout at dusk. It is basically a Roberts Yellow Drake tied in different colors. Why it’s called the White Knot is beyond me. I asked Rusty once, but he just smiled. Either he didn’t remember, or he didn’t want to tell me.”

Hook: Daiichi #1180 Size 10-12
Thread: Dark Brown, 6/0
Tail: Moose Main, 4-5 fibers
Wing: White Deer Body Hair, tied post
Body: Dark Reddish-Brown deer hair, flared at the bend in the hook
Rib: Crisscrossed thread
Hackle: Dark Dun Saddle Hackle, tied parachute


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4 Responses to White-Not – Rusty Gates

  1. LOVE this fly!!
    All you need is an Elk-hair Caddis, a Borcher’s Drake and one of these guys most of the summer. Keep up the great research.
    Tight Lines,

  2. NO!!!! I don’t want those trout up there seeing too many of these!

    I mean, heh, these don’t work… don’t waste your time tying them.

    Tie more EWCs and BWOs.