Geert Werbrouck fly tying

I noticed Belgium fly tyer Geert Werbrouck’s excellent fly tying over at Geert is a regular there and posts a lot of wonderful flies and is quite active on the forum. Geert has been fly fishing since 1968 and was a champion Belgium fly fisher back in 1982. He used to tie mostly for trout and grayling including dries, nymphs, and flymphs. These days his focus is on full dressed patterns.

One of his latest is a crossbreed between a freestyle salmon fly and a freestyle wet fly.


Hook is a size 8 wet fly hook by SAWADA.

tip or tag : none
tail : natural grey French ‘Perigord’ underflankfeathers (left and right)
tail veiling : some bloodred fluff/sprigs of a hackle
body : flat copper
rib : gold twist
bodyhackle : blood red
headwing : slips of natural grey French ‘Perigord’ under flank feathers
sideds or sidewing : each side a blood red hackle
topping (if YOU should like to call it like that) : a clipped in a V form little yellow feather of the blue and yellow macaw breast
front collar : grey heron (a bit a mix of a white and grey hackle)
head : red fly tying hread lacquered three times…

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