2015 Bucket Mouth League Photo Contest

Welcome to the first official Bucket Mouth League Photo Contest! We are going to take a page from The Fiberglass Manifesto book and do a contest similar to the way Cameron has run some of his contests in the past. That said, let’s get started.

We have three great sponsors for this contest that have graciously offered three terrific prizes.
For first place, the winner will receive The Clouser rod of their choice from Temple Fork Outfitters.

Temple Fork Outfitters - The Clouser

Temple Fork Outfitters – The Clouser

Second place will receive a Mad River Outfitters Master Drifter Boat Box.

MRO Master Drifter Boat Box

MRO Master Drifter Boat Box

Third place will receive a Crooked Creek Holler Largemouth Tee and Largemouth Vinyl Die-cut Sticker.

CCH Largemouth Tee

CCH Largemouth Tee

CCH Largemouth Vinyl Die-cut Sticker

CCH Largemouth Vinyl Die-cut Sticker

I want to thank Temple Fork Outfitters, Mad River Outfitters, and Crooked Creek Holler for sponsoring the Bucket Mouth League Photo Contest. I really appreciate their support! All of the people who I have dealt with in these three companies are top notch and have been very reliable supporters of FrankenFly.

THE RULES for the contest are as follows:
1. To participate you must submit a photo with a Bucket Mouth League decal included in the photo in some way. The photo can be while fly fishing, fly tying, or anything that you think might make an interesting BML photo.

2. If you do not have a Bucket Mouth League decal yet, you can order by clicking the link in rule 1.

3. Submit your Bucket Mouth League photo and a few lines explaining the photo by email to frankenflycontests@gmail.com.

4. If you decide to include a largemouth bass in your photo, please handle it carefully. I would like to improve the quality in the way largemouth bass are handled. I have been guilty of this myself and I am now taking a stand to correct that. Please support the weight of the bass and not hold it by the jaw at a 45 degree angle or hold it vertical if it is a large bass. Do not lie the bass on hot boards, cement, or boat carpet. Wet your hands before handling the fish. Also, if the fish is out of the water for the photo, it has to be still dripping water. Otherwise, it’s been out of the water too long, and air exposure kills. Thank you.

5. This contest will last until October 15th, 2015. Entries need to be submitted by October 15th.

6. Entries will be posted in the first week of October and there will be an email vote by the FrankenFly readership to determine the winners.

If you have any questions please send an email to frankenflycontests@gmail.com.

I’m really looking forward to this first opportunity to highlight the Bucket Mouth League with this photo contest. Please remember to use the hashtag #BucketMouthLeague when posting your photos of largemouth bass caught on the fly. Promote fly fishing for largemouth bass. That is what the Bucket Mouth League is all about!

Please read my original post about the Bucket Mouth League for more information.



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