Around the net!

I’ve seen some interesting stuff on my daily look around the net lately, so I thought I would throw a post up showing some of the things I’ve noticed. I hope you enjoy it!

If you haven’t visited Stream 2 Stream, then you should probably start. My friend Justin Keene works on some good stuff over there. He has just posted a step-by-step of his brand spanking new streamer he has named Blinky. It’s a great looking pattern and it looks like a fun tie.

Piker over at the posted this fly he tied from his dog’s hair. Came out pretty sweet!

Doug Korn posted a beautiful dry fly called the Snowshoe Apple Caddis over on his blog. Doug’s tying is top notch and this is a great pattern!

My buddy Dave Hosler posted a new pattern called Weapon X on his Pilecast blog! This baby uses the new Misfit Holo-heads and it looks killer! If you want to get your hands on some Misfit Holo-heads, Lunds Fly Shop is now carrying them.

Eunan Hendron of Addicted to Vise uses a Llama wing to fill out this nice looking fly he calls Gray Wolfs Brown Julie.

Juan Ramirez of The Hopper Juan blog has a nice, simple, step-by-step of his nymph, The Money Midge.

This last streamer is mine. For now, you will see it on the right here on FrankenFly because I recently posted it to the FrankenFly Instagram account. I’ve been working on this for awhile, but couldn’t decide what to do with the head of the fly. I finally figured it out and this is how it ended up. I’m happy with it and I’ve gotten some great comments on it so far. The name of the fly is the Bearded Biscuit.



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  1. Paul, thanks for the quick tour around the fly tying scene on the net. Some fine patterns here to see and challenge us all at the vise.