Bearded Minnow – Pursuit Flies

Copper and Crystal Bearded Minnows

Copper and Crystal Bearded Minnows



Tail- Copper/Crystal Flashabou

Body- Copper/Crystal Estaz

Eyes- Lead Eyes (Small- Large)

Wing (Beard)- Barred Rabbit Zonker Strip


When the water clarity is not the best the Bearded Minnow pattern is my go to fly. With a flashy body and a rabbit strip below this fly has plenty of action in the water and really gets the attention of fish.

This fly was first designed for redfish with the copper style but has been developed into a great snook, speckled trout, and bass fly as well. This fly doesn’t have a weed guard so it is best fished around holes and deeper water. This is definitely my go to fly for deeper water reds and fishes great for dock snook as well. This fly works best with constant slow strips to provide a swimming action on the fly.

If you are looking for a great baitfish pattern for a variety of fish check out the Bearded Minnow! Also be looking for more color options soon!

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