Dave Bradley

Dave Bradley is a fly tyer from California who happens to tie some very nice trout flies. He has his own blog called My Trout Fly. You can find some of his work below. Follow the links above each one and it will take you to Dave’s site to see the entire step-by-step for that particular fly.

Also, he has an informative post about how to die your own materials using RIT dye and the microwave.

First, you should check out Dave’s awesome fly tying bench he built himself. To read more details about the bench, just follow the link to Dave’s post.

Dave’s custom fly tying bench


Caddis Pupa Emerger


Caddis Larva


Depth Charge Bird’s Nest


Tungsten Psycho


Dying your own materials using the microwave.



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2 Responses to Dave Bradley

  1. Now there are some flies that I can use! I’ve always wanted to try to die my own materials but I just know there would be a catastrophic accident and I’d end up painting the kitchen.