Black Ghost – classic streamer

The Black Ghost is a classic streamer that has become one of the most popular of all time. There have been many variations on this pattern and Streamers 365 has an excellent article explaining much more about the Black Ghost and has versions from many top fly tyers.

But wait, don’t head over there yet! Here is a video about how to tie a version of the Black Ghost from Tim Cammisa. Tim’s notes about this video explain more.

“For this “Two Minute Tying Tutorial,” I demonstrate the techniques involved in tying a highly effective streamer pattern, the Black Ghost. This is a streamer that can be tied in a relatively short amount of time once its techniques are mastered, though feel free to vary the pattern from the original if you feel the need on your local waters. I actually substituted an embroidery thread for floss when tying the body of this pattern, and I also will commonly use black yarn, too.”

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