Thor’s Hammer

Jim Misiura shows us how to tie a Thor’s Hammer dry fly. Jim really does a nice job explaining how to tie this pattern. I believe this is a pattern that would mimic multiple mayflies and could be used as a general pattern. In other words, I think the trout will definitely respond nicely to this one.


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3 Responses to Thor’s Hammer

  1. tie2fish

    Those of you unfamiliar with Jim Misiura may want to Google his name and check out some of his fishing videos. He catches big brown trout out of relatively small streams in northeast Pennsylvania with ease and amazing regularity, and his folksy narrative is fun to follow. It has long been my goal to figure out where he finds these fish and then try to gain access to the waters.

  2. Phil Eversman

    Looks like just another variation on the parachute Adams.