Euro Minnow – Jason Haddix


Jason Haddix of Waters Edge Fly Company sent me this sweet tube fly. Here is the run down from Jason on the materials.

Tube: 3.0 mm inside 4.6 mm pearl flake tube. Both tubes by Heritage Angling Products
Thread: 3/0 Danville gray
Tail: Silver holographic flashabou- tied 2/3 tail and 1/3 folded back.
Collar: White marabou-wrapped forward.
Wing: Icelandic sheep-white, pink, grey
Collar: Olive marabou-wrapped forward
Flash: Silver holographic flashabou- tied on top of the wing
Collar: White marabou- wrapped forward.
Wing: Icelandic sheep-white, pink, grey.
Collar: Olive marabou-wrapped forward
Flash: Silver flashabou-tied on top of the wing.
Collar-White marabou-wrapped forward
Wing: Icelandic sheep-White, pink, grey
Collar: olive marabou-wrapped forward
Flash: saltwater silver holographic flashabou-tied on top the wing
Flash: pearl Krystal flash- tied 2/3 in and. 1/3 folded back.
Sides-two grizzly saddle hackles tied in to be 2/3 the length if the fly.
Front collar: two shad gray marabou feathers wrapped forward
Head: flymen fish mask
Eyes: flymen living eyes

Note: Euro style tubing can be purchased direct from heritage angling products at or from us at
Heritage 4.6mm tubing requires no junction and will accept up to a 5/0 hook directley in the tube.


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