Greg Senyo Fly Tying Materials


Mad River Outfitters have created a page dedicated to Greg Senyo related fly tying materials. Pretty much everything he has designed/endorses/uses can be found here:

This is one-stop shopping if you are tying Greg Senyo style flies or just like using his name brand materials.




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2 Responses to Greg Senyo Fly Tying Materials

  1. Bob Rudzinski

    I am looking for a recipe for the Greg Sanyo Trout Parr fly. I assume you carry the materials. Look forward to hearing from you.

    Bob Rudzinski

    • Paul Beel

      Bob. here you go.

      It’s a size 12 or 10 scud hook like a Diiachi x1120

      Body is ice and laser dubbing
      Head is rabbit
      Eye small 3D prismatic
      And then color with sharpie to match fish species.