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FrankenFly’s 2015

Well, 2015 is just about in the books. It was a great year for me and FrankenFly. I spent the year with family, friends, fish, flies, and dogs. It doesn’t get much better than that for me. So I thought I would make this easy and dump a bunch of photos on you from my 2015. I hope you enjoy them. It was a blast and I’m hoping 2016 is just as fun!

Thank you for reading and viewing FrankenFly!

-Paul J. Beel


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Choosing the Right Glue with Kelly Galloup

In this video, Kelly explains the various types of glue he uses when tying and the differences between them.

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Kilowa bou

From North 40 Fly Shop, “This is a simple fly that has proven its’ worth on the river. It started out as a KILOWATT, but I toned it down some and added a stinger hook. It has proven itself on the local trout as well as steelhead. I tie this in a number of color combinations, this one is Black and Blue. A favorite of mine all year round.”


THREAD: 140 Ultra Thread, Black
BEAD: Brass Cone Head, Medium Nickle
BODY SHANK: Any streamer style hook will work. You’ll be cutting the hook part off.
STINGER HOOK: #4 Octopus style
BODY: Ice Dub, Blue Steelie
UNDER WING: Flashabou, Black
OVER WING: Flashabou, Black
WING AND TAIL: Marabou Blood Quill, Black
COLLAR: Ice Dub, Blue Steelie

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Beef Jerky by Oskar Hagelin


I started out tying this streamer unweighted and then two versions, the last one with a tungsten cone in size large just behind the eyes. The BJ will perform well in both versions but a weighted BJ will “start to fish” sooner after it has hit the water. The fact that the cone is placed apox. 5-6 mm behind the hook eye, and not directly behind it, makes the BJ to kinda “hoover” when you pause the retrieve, instead of diving…and yes, BJ looks rather bulky, but it will slim down in the stream.


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Box of Chocolates Fly Fishing

Phil Rowley is in Alberta, Canada with The New Fly Fisher while catching a variety of fish on the fly.

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Tungsten Torpedo

The Tungsten Torpedo- has there ever been a better name for a tungsten beaded nymph made to sink quickly and get the job done?! Kevin Compton of Performance Flies created this nymph, and it has earned a spot in many fishermen’s boxes. Rightfully so, this fly is fast to tie, and catches fish like crazy. This nymph fishes well year round regardless of the season. It is particularly deadly with euro nymphing, czech nymphing, and other competitive fly fishing methods. This quick video demonstrates how Fly Tying 123 ‘s own Derek Kohler ties this fly, and the materials he uses.

For recipe and pictures visit:

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Matt’s Buzzer

Matt Grobert shows how to tie his buzzer pattern on this week’s Tightlines Productions fly tying video.

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New products from Pat Cohen

There are some new, exciting products coming soon from Pat Cohen of Specifically, these new products are tails! I was lucky enough to be one of the first fly tiers to test these new tails from Pat. These tails are made from Ultrasuede. Their movement is very similar to that of plastic. I think these new shapes of tails will really allow fly tiers to add even more customization to their streamers. The tails come in white, so you can be creative and color them to your liking. The four different designs that will be offered are the Leech Tail, Minnow Tail, Flutter Tail, and Split Tail. Each design will come in three sizes and are expected to be available in January, 2016 from Wholesale pricing will be available for fly shops.

Below are the flies that Daniel Seaman and myself tied up to test Pat’s new tails.

tied by Daniel Seaman

tied by Daniel Seaman

tied by Daniel Seaman

tied by Daniel Seaman

tied by Daniel Seaman

tied by Daniel Seaman

tied by Paul J. Beel

tied by Paul J. Beel

tied by Paul J. Beel

tied by Paul J. Beel

tied by Paul J. Beel

tied by Paul J. Beel


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Mayfly nymph realistic imitation – Ruben Martin

A realistic bug that Ruben shows us how to tie in this video. Enjoy!

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Hi-Viz Spent CDC Caddis

Some great information and nice video by North 40 Fly Shop. The following was included with this video.
“I personally don’t fish very many hi-viz patterns because I generally feel they look too unrealistic. At the same time, a fly that gets eaten that you can’t see isn’t a productive fly either. With this spent caddis pattern I’ve really tried to incorporate the hi-viz in to the pattern in a way that will help the anglers see it, the fish not see it, and at the same time make the fly float a little bit better. We spent a lot of time fishing this pattern in the late spring and summer on the Missouri this year (a pretty good test lab for caddis patterns), and I can tell you that this version of a spent is worth tying. It’s also not very difficult to tie, and if caddis is one of your go to hatches where you fish the most, it’s hard to want to tie anything that takes more than a few minutes at the vise because I use a lot of caddis patterns in the course of the year.”

Please tie, share, and leave feedback.

1 extra long standard dry fly hook
70 ultra thread – olive
Wonder wrap – tan
Mcflylon – burnt orange
CDC feathers
Deer hair
Squirrel dubbing – brown


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