Griz’s “Big & Ugly/HD” Hellgrammite


Hook: Streamer Hook size 4 or 2, bent up like a swimming nymph hook
Weight: .30 or as heavy as you want to get it (see below)
Pinchers & Tail: Turkey Biots (Black, Brown, or Olive)
Rib: Blue, Purple, or Black 26 gauge wire
Body: Thick Black, Olive, or Brown Chenille
Legs: Coq De Lon Feather – palmered
Shell: Black or Brown Thin Soft Leather. Trimmed with a curve at the bend, and hook gap width
To Finish: I coat the leather with Sally Hanson’s Hard as Nails Clear

Tying Tips:

  • The weight can be wrapped around the hook, placed on either sides or put on one side to create the Drunken Sailor effect.
  • The shell is cut in half then retied back on as a normal Hellgrammite split shell.

My passion is chasing Smallmouth with the Fly Rod on the Huron River, Shiawassee River, and Grand River, that is how and why this fly was created. I watched spin casters using live Hellgrammites for Smallmouth and I wanted a fly of my own that represented the nymph of this Dobson Fly.

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