James Hughes


James is a guide for Schultz Oufitters and mostly guides on the Huron River. He chases a lot of smallmouth bass and carp on the Huron. Here are two of his go-to flies for these two species. He says they aren’t real extravagant flies but that is why he likes them. Simple patterns get the job done and he can sit down and crank a dozen out without a major time commitment.

Ice Minnow

Ice Minnow

Ice Minnow
Hook: Daiichi 2546 size 6
Eyes: Bead chain
Tail: White Ice Fur
Collar: Mallard Flank
Wing: White Ice Fur
-This is my go-to for carp. The fish in our rivers spend a lot of time chasing fry and really key in on small white streamers. If the presentation is correct, there’s a solid chance you will be rewarded with a fish.


Murdich Minnow

Gold over White Feather-Tail Murdich
Hook: Daiichi 2546 size 1-4
Eyes: Hareline 3D eyes
Tail: Two Chinese saddle hackle feathers
Flash: opal and gold flashabou
Body: White Ice Fur
Head: Pearl Estaz colored gold on top using a Prismacolor pen
-The feather tail Murdich Minnow is one of my workhorses for guiding. The smallmouth in our rivers will crush this fly day in, and day out. The feather tail gives a really nice swimming action in the water compared to some other materials I have used.


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  1. Thanks for posting this Paul. I’m always on the lookout for a good carp fly and the simpler the better. Thanks to James as well.