Parachute Purple Haze variant – Dustin Bise

Dustin Bise of Big R Fly Shop ties up a variant of the popular Purple Haze fly pattern. I’ve posted about the Purple Haze before on FrankenFly. I’ve always liked purple flies for my warm water fishing. I think with the Purple Haze fly fishers are starting to realize that trout like purple too!

Materials List:

Hook – standard dry fly
Thread – UTC 140 Purple
Tail – Purple saddle hackle fibers, UV Purple Crystal Flash
Body – purple tinsel
Rib – peacock herl died purple
Post – Widows web – white
Thorax – UV Black Ice Dub
Hackle – Ginger dry fly

The purple haze is an attractor dry fly pattern designed to imitate a variety of mayflies. By adding holo tinsel peacock herl, krystal flash and UV ice dub to this fly, these materials enhance the already highly UV purple colors and makes this fly even more deadly on your favorite stream or tailwater.

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  1. I love a good tying video and I agree that it should work for trout as well as warmwater fish. Let’s give it a try.