Split Wing PMD Emerger – Erik Moncada

I thought this was a nice nymph pattern and Erik does a great job of explaining how to tie it. If you’re looking for a new nymph to put in your box, this would be an interesting one to fish with and try out.

Hook: Daiichi 1560 – standard nymph hook
Thread: 8/0 brown
Tail/Legs: Mallard Flank (Dyed wood duck)
Rib: Small wire – black
Body: Superfine dubbing – mahogany brown
Split Wing: Goose Biot – black
Wing Casing: Razor Foam – yellow



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2 Responses to Split Wing PMD Emerger – Erik Moncada

  1. Thanks Paul! This is a really nice fly. I downloaded it for my winter tying session.

    • Paul Beel

      Nice Howard, I’m glad you like it!
      Yep, it won’t be long we’ll be settling in for winter tying season.