Two big events happening this weekend


There are two big fly tying events I wanted to bring to your attention. First, the 17th Annual Sowbug Roundup starts tomorrow and runs through Sunday in Mountain Home, Arkansas. I’ve never been to this show, but it is a very popular show that has been around a long time. The show is put on by the North Arkansas Fly Fishers. Check out their website for all the details.

dette_logoThe other event is this Saturday, March 22nd in East Syracuse, New York. This is the Tie One On Fly-Tying Rendezvous put on by Iroquois Chapter TU and Dette Trout Flies. This year it is bringing in some big names in streamer fly tying. So if you like throwing big streamers, this would be a great event to attend. Here are more of the details of this show.

The unofficial theme at Tie One On this year ended up being streamers. We have been able to bring in four of the biggest name in streamer fishing / tying! Kelly Galloup, Michael Schmidt, Pat Cohen & Richard Strolis will be around all day demonstrating their patterns and talking techniques!

Dette Trout Flies will be on site, with the new streamer outfits from Vision Fly Fishing USA. We will also have a load of Partridge of Redditch‘s newest offerings in streamer / predator hooks, with Steve Silverio on hand talking hooks! Plus, the new thread by SuperFly will also be available!

At the end of the day 2:30 – 4:30, Kelly Galloup will doing his presentation on Streamers! This presentation takes you thru the predatory principles that make big fish strike from a reactionary strike apposed to just a food based feed. We will cover where when and how to make the biggest carnivore in the river respond. As well as the retrieves styles, equipment and flies to ensure you will become a better streamer angler on any river for any fish. This program is for the angler who wants to target the biggest fish is the river.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg, there are 30+ other tiers, 3 other presentations and numerous exhibitors!


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