Walter Wiese New Book


I noticed that my good friend Doug Korn had posted about Walter Wiese’s new book on his blog yesterday. Walter is a contract fly designer for Montana Fly Company. He also makes videos and ties for Parks Fly Shop in Gardiner, MT. I’ve posted a couple videos here on FrankenFly from Parks Fly Shop and they have some terrific patterns from some terrific professional tyers.

The book is called Yellowstone Country Flies -The fly patterns of Parks Fly Shop. I definitely plan to buy a copy of this book! They have announced the book now in May and are now taking pre-orders with the copies coming in June. At the end of the following video Walter explains more about the book. Do not take the rest of the video lightly. Matt Minch’s Golden Stonefly Nymph is one of the top producers in Yellowstone Country. Doug has mentioned this pattern to me before and he uses it, so I know it’s a fish catcher.



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  1. One of the nice things about living out here in Colorado is that most of the flies like this one can be successful here as well. Nice simple tie and the book looks like a keeper.

  2. IMHO — Matt’s Golden Stone is the second best pattern we have in the shop, second only to Matt’s Bead Hare and Copper, both of which are in Wally’s book. I fish these two flies in tandem A LOT in Yellowstone Country… That’s why they are known as the “Action Nymph’s” in the shop.