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Apple Caddis EmergerA fellow tyer, PlanetTrout, mentioned I should check out Doug Korn’s fly tying. Holy crap, I’m so glad I did! I’m very impressed with Doug’s skills and I love his flies. Now if I could just talk him into coming to Indiana and teaching me everything he knows! Doug is a fly tyer for Park’s Fly Shop in Gardiner, Montana. You can see more of Doug’s work on his blog, 55 on the fly.

Back when Doug first started tying flies he didn’t have many beads and it was too expensive for him to build up a supply. So he started using wire to wrap heads on his flies when he needed a bead. I think this is an impressive technique that adds a new look to a fly.

Below I have posted the two videos that Doug created to show how to tie the wire head. I have also placed links to several posts that Doug has made on his blog about various wire head flies.

Keep checking FrankenFly because Doug has offered to do a step-by-step of one of his original flies. This will be coming soon! For now, enjoy the wire heads!

wire head links:

Korn’s Wire Head Scud

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WH Hot Spot PT – easy and effective…

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