Andreas Andersson’s “Articulated Wolftrap”

I’m a 32 year old Swede with a serious addiction to flyfishing and flytying. It’s not unusual to find me on the water a couple times a week and at the vise just about every night. First flies left the vise about twenty years ago…nowadays my speciality is deerhair bugs, streamers and big predator stuff, even though I’m no stranger to dryflies and nymphs after doing those type of flies for a long time. I just think there’s something very fun in fishing for predatory fish, so that’s my main focus. I’ll fish for just about anything with a flyrod, fresh or salt, but my favorite species close to home is northern pike and brown trout. I have been tying flies professionally for a while now and also demonstrate my tying at shows and fairs across Europe. I also write some articles every now and then for some Swedish flyfishing magazines. Well that’s a little something about me.
-Andreas Andersson

This is a fly I have been tinkering with for quite some time, fishing it and making small changes every now and then…but now I feel it has the qualities I’m looking for. That being a big profile fly with very low weight when wet and the added predator attraction of articulation and a rattle bringing some noise.

The inspiration for the fly comes from two very different directions. One being the type of flies I have seen american flyfishermen using in the salt for fish like stripers. The other being a great looking pikefly like my buddy’s Ulf Hagström fly called the “Triple Treat”.
I believe the finished fly might work well for both mentioned species and many more just by varying the size and colors of the fly. It already has plenty of pike on its concious.

Materials used:
Hook- Partridge of Redditch Attitude Streamer 4/0
Shank- Partridge of Redditch Intruder Shank 35mm
Thread- UTC Ultra Thread 210
Tail/Body- Deercreek Gliss n Glint (can probably be substituted with some kind of EP fibers)
Flash- Long holographic flash
Pyrex Fly rattle Large
Deercreek Diamond Hard UV-resin


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2 Responses to Andreas Andersson’s “Articulated Wolftrap”

  1. Ian

    Sick! I’ve been waiting to see some step by step from this guy. This take hollow fly to the max. I love the fullness and minimalness of it all. I have learned!!