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Optimus Swine

Another great fly tying video brought to us by Fly Shop of the Bighorns.
In this Episode, Chris Schneider ties the “Optimus Swine”, a fly developed by Eli Berant of Michigan. Chris and Peter would like to give a shout out to Eli Berant of Great Lakes Fly for allowing us the opportunity to tie his innovative pattern, “Optimus Swine”. Chris prefers this fly for targeting Muskie.

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Hollow Fleye – Bob Popovics

HOLLOW FLEYE fly tying

Tying the Hollow Fleye

Posted by Bob Popovics on Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A famous big baitfish pattern by the master, Bob Popovics.
If you haven’t heard, Bob has a new book out explaining his techniques, called Fleye Design: Techniques, Insights, Patterns.


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Triple Sculp Daddy – Gunnar Brammer

Gunnar Brammer explains how to tie his double articulated streamer, Triple Sculp Daddy, in this fly tying video.

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Flymage Magazine issue #27

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Baitfish – Jonathan Kiley

Jonathan Kiley has been putting together a cool little baitfish pattern lately, with his Slow Rolla Tails. Check out the steps below.






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Pliva Perdigon Nymph

Devin Olsen of Fly Fishing Team USA shares with us one of his most deadly flies, a perdigon nymph he discovered while competing in Europe.
If you would like to read more about Devon and check out other cool stuff, head over to


Hook: Hanak 230 sizes 16-12 or other nymph hook
Bead: Copper, silver, or gold slotted tungsten 2.3 to 3.3 mm
Additional Weight: 0.015” lead wire
Tail: Coq de leon
Body and thread: Olive Veevus body quill
Rib: Chartreuse Veevus 140D power thread
Hot spot: Veevus Fl. Orange 16/0
Wingcase: Black Nail Polish
UV Resin: Loon UV fly finish thin
Varnish: Hard as Hull

Devin Olsen

Devin Olsen

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Bead Head Rabbit Emerger

Hook: 12-16
Bead: gold or brass
Thread: red
Tail/shuck: white zlon or antron
Body: dark brown rabbit dubbing
Wing: white calf tail
Thorax: dark brown rabbit dubbing

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Ginger Quill

Tim Flagler of Tightline Productions latest fly tying video has Matt Grobert show you how to tie a beautiful, timeless Catskill classic, the Ginger Quill.

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Tie One On at The Rockford Brewing Company

Scan_20160212 (2)

Head over to The Rockford Brewing Company in Rockford, Michigan this Saturday, February 20th and check out the Tie One On! There will be talks about fly fishing for Steelhead, fly tying demos, the works! Please go to the River Bound event page to RSVP.
Hosted by River Bound Fly Fishing Outfitters and Scott Rebitch.

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Balsa’s not dead – Matt Zudweg


In the following video, Matt shows us how to make an old fashioned balsa popper. Very cool stuff!
Find out more about Matt here:


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