Around the Net – 2/22/2013

It’s time for another quick fly tying tour around the Internet to highlight a few cool things in case you missed them.

Planettrout is a blog and a person, believe it or not. He has a ton of nymph patterns over on his blog with a ton of recipes. Below are a couple of nice patterns he’s posted lately. One is a variant on Charlie Craven’s Caddistrophic Pupa and the other is a variant on Dan Delekta’s Delektable Lil’ Spanker. Recipes for both are at Planettrout.



While we’re on the subject of nymphs, here is a super sexy nymph called the Latex n’ Copper nymph. You can find a step-by-step from the creator, Dronlee at his blog, Fly Tying Nation.

Latex n Copper Nymph sbs 19b

My friend Justin Keene has been working on a fancy new streamer over at Stream2Stream. He has put together a nice step-by-step of his new articulated streamer, Project-X. It looks like it will wreak havoc on the fish!



So, if you haven’t visited Fly Fish Food you are missing a lot of fantastic fly tying! It is brought to you by two outstanding fly tyers, Clark (Cheech) Pierce and Curtis Fry. If you haven’t noticed, Curtis has been on FrankenFly a couple times. Once with his Double D and another time with his Micro Nymph. One fly from Fly Fish Food that I enjoyed lately was the Cheech Leech pictured below. A recipe and video on this cool streamer is over at Fly Fish Food.


Cheech Leech


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  1. Thanks FF…linked back to you on my RSS feed !!!


  2. Thanks for posting those links Paul. It’s always fun to get a look at what others (definitely more talented than I) are doing.