Psycho Sculpin – Marc Procopio


Here is another pattern by Marc Procopio of
Marc wanted to design a pattern that would work well when swinging a big fly on the Great Lakes.

Thread: Black 6/0 Danvilles Fly Master
Tube: 40/40 Pro Flexi Tube Pink
Tail: 1/8″ Hot Pink/Black/White Tiger Barred Rabbit tied in where the Junction and Liner portion of the tube meet.
Collar: Black Marabou tied in by the butt and wrapped in touching turns (full plume) W/4 strands of Ostrich Herl on each side slightly shorter than the tail.
Pectoral Fins: Large sized dyed pink Amherst Pheasant tippet tied so they splay out (make sure they are long enough. They are there for function and move nicely in the water)
Head:  Magnum Rabbit in a dubbing loop nice and full followed by a Large Eumer (weighted) Cone and X Large Pro Sonic Disk

Notes: you may cut a 1/8″ strip of flat lead and wrap that around the tube the length of the fly starting from where the junction and liner portion meet. Just make sure you leave room for the Cone and Sonic disk. You may add some flash if you wish. Dark colored Ice wing fiber is recommended (Purple Blue Back)


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  1. Hey Paul, I love this fly. I’ve come to realize that those colors should work about anywhere.